Zikera today is proud to announce that the iPhone iOS music app Groove has been completely redesigned for iOS 7. Groove 3.0 has been revamped to be even smarter, simpler and more beautiful.
Groove is the place to find inspiration to quickly listen to great music. Flip through the mixes to find the one that fits your mood or simply let Groove choose. Since no one has the same taste in music, Groove learns listening habits to bring favorite artists back into rotation and concoct playlists completely personalized for the listener.
Since it was first released, Groove has become an instant hit with music lovers, helping them rediscover and experience their music collection.
“Groove is like Apple’s Genius on turbocharge” – Huffington Post
* Taste-learning algorithm figures out your musical preferences – The more you listen, the better it gets
* Organizes your music intelligently using tags (indie, house, 90s, chillout, britpop, etc.)
* Automatic LAST.FM scrobbling without the need to connect to iTunes
* Smart gestures to control volume, playback and get new mixes – perfect for when in the car
* Seamless integration with iTunes Match, Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers
* Groove with Friends: Concocts a mix compatible with your friends musical tastes
* Helps you rediscover your music collection
* Beautifies your music collection by adding album art and artist pics
* Share your favourite songs with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
Groove 3.0 is available for free worldwide and exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.