A fascinating new game by Haypi has joined the Haypi family! Haypi Kingdom: The Return of The King is still hot in the App Store, offering fun gameplay and amusing interaction features and activities. The new mobile game is a Massive Multiplayer Online strategy war game, where players literally hear and feel the thunder of a fierce combats with roaring armies and firing catapults.

Haypi’s work has proven to be very fruitful. The teams are thankful for the inspiration from their fans. The players have formed a real community, where everyone is having fun! This is the biggest motivation for the developer Haypi. And it’s amazing how Haypi’s family is getting bigger and bigger!

Haypi’s teams have outdone themselves again, not only with Haypi Kingdom: The Return of The King. Except for releasing a new key-point game, they also have lots of significant updates coming up. iOS 8 compatible versions of Haypi Monster and Haypi Monster: the Lost Tower have been submitted to Apple for a final review. A new patch of Haypi Pirates was also submitted, version 1.6.1. And soon, another big Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory update will be coming. As always, Haypi keeps constantly adding new content, making their games more and more exciting.

In addition, soon Haypi will announce the winners of bonuses for the participation in the game’s Beta test. Haypi is generous to their players, because the biggest reward for Haypi is the love of their players.

Haypi Kingdom: The Return of The King is an MMO of the strategic war game genre. And there is much much more in this game than people could imagine. The gameplay is sophisticated, and provides an enjoyable experience for people from all ages and walks of life. It is really great that there is this new title joining the Haypi family.

The official version of Haypi Kingdom: The Return of The King is now available for free download from the App Store in the Games category. Everyone is welcome to the world of Haypi fun.

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