Aphex, a leader in audio enhancement technology for more than 35 years, today is proud to announce Audio XciterTM, the first audio app that dynamically improves the quality of music on your iOS devices through a proprietary Xciter digital signal processor (DSP). Audio Xciter uses patented Aphex DSP technology to improve the quality of your music by analyzing and enhancing the audio signal in real time. The iOS app is available today with an Android version to follow next month.
Legendary musicians such as Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and Led Zeppelin have relied on the Aphex technology behind Audio Xciter for years and pay $30 per minute to use it for audio mastering. Now music enthusiasts can experience the original sound quality created in-studio through the free Audio Xciter app.
“Heavily compressed digital music files reduce sonic performance in music recordings,” said David Wiener, CEO of Aphex. “We’ve leveraged our professional studio technology and created Audio Xciter to restore the detail, richness and spaciousness to your audio experience. All the musicians and producers we work with feel this is a revolutionary product for mobile music.”
“The Audio Xciter app brings musical detail to life, no matter what style of music you’re listening to. You will hear increased clarity, along with space and detail, that will impress anyone,” said Alan Parsons, the legendary musician and record producer.
The free Audio Xciter app allows 15 minutes of enhanced playback per day. Users have two upgrade options: Audio Xciter Basic removes the time restriction and Audio Xciter Studio allows users to fine-tune the Xciter DSP settings for a truly custom experience. The launch pricing is $2.99 (USD) for Audio Xciter Basic ($4.99 after July 31st) and $7.99 for Audio Xciter Studio ($9.99 after July 31st). Audio Xciter can be purchased through iTunes for iOS and will soon be available at the Android Store and Amazon for Android devices. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Audio Xciter will go to Respect the Music, a nonprofit organization supporting musical education and immersion. Additional information including demo videos and screenshots are available at Aphex online.