Independent developer, Andrei Barlan today is proud to announce the release of Imagemess 1.0, his new social networking app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Imagemess is a messenger app that automatically transforms your words into meaningful images while you type. The resulted message is a series of lively images and GIFs portraying your thoughts. You will send an amazing image message to your friends in seconds. It’s that easy. When words are not enough, try Imagemess!
* Imagemess magically transforms your words into images while you type
* An image message is a series of images portraying your thoughts
* Send an amazing image message in seconds. It’s that easy
* The app uses a carefully build search engine for maximum accuracy for your words
* Make it as personal as you want, by choosing other images that go with your mood, or add your own images
* Even the simplest image message catches your eye, surely your friend will enjoy and remember it
* Image messages are easy to share with your friends, by name, email address, SMS, or post them on social networks
“I created Imagemess because I needed a way to send thoughts to my friends as I have them in my mind, alive, fun and charged with emotions,” explained Andrei Birlan, indie developer. “So I built the app that transforms the plain text message into a series of meaningful iconic images, an image message. For example, if you type laugh in your message, Laurel and Hardy will portray the laughter.”
Send your thoughts! Imagemess 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.