The iPhone 6 is coming out and people are asking, what will be the killer game for this new phone? One developer thinks he has the answer and it’s name is Impossible Frog.
Impossible Frog from Eilean Design is a game that combines the new and old seamlessly to create a new but familiar feel. Consisting of an endless path of lily pads the player has to keep pace with a constantly advancing screen. A simple tap on the left side of the screen sends the frog forward and to the left and a tap on the right side goes forward and right. While it sounds simple it is anything but easy. “We have never seen anyone hop more than 200 lily pads,” says Lane Thompson, lead developer. “This game is Hard! Flappy Bird, or piano tiles hard!”
With one million apps on the App Store it takes a lot to stand out. Eilean Design has proven they have what it takes to succeed. “Between our apps and the apps we have helped developed our company has over 3 million downloads. What’s more, people love the product and constantly ask for more. More games, more levels, more updates!”
So, what people want to know is ‘What’s next’? “Well, we have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline but the one I have been playing non stop is todays release, Impossible Frog,” answered Lane. “It is a simple two finger arcade game, a bit like timber man but with more action and excitement!” Asked to elaborate Lane simply said “It’s available now as a free download, just try it out!”
Impossible Frog 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.