Available today, the ThriveTracker app offers gamified mood tracking for the iPhone and iPod touch. The ultimate goal of the app is to improve the mental health and well-being of individuals afflicted by mood disorders like Bipolar Disorder and Depression. Bipolar Disorder can cost $11,720 for a single manic episode or death for the 20% of patients that complete suicide.
“I asked myself what community I would like to serve and turned inwards to reflect on my own challenges with learning to manage bipolar disorder over the past decade. ThriveTracker is our first attempt to utilize technology to assist the over 20.9 million individuals afflicted by mood disorders and the mental health professionals that support them.”- Adrian Cunanan, Founder of ThriveStreams Inc.
ThriveTracker is a free app that helps users to record key data points to improve the tracking and management of their mood. Users can simply track their mood, sleep, therapy, and journal about their progress. Users can even earn real world rewards for checking in daily.
What makes ThriveTracker unique is that the app combines elements of positive psychology, gamification, and quantified self. The app collects self care data for Meditation, Exercise, and Journaling. Quantifiable studies in Positive Psychology have found these self care methods to improve mental health. Gamification allows users who check in consistently to earn real rewards such as product samples, gift cards, mp3 downloads, and more. Finally, quantified self is at the core of ThriveTracker in enabling users to analyze trends from the mood data through interactive charts that can be shared with mental health professionals.
ThriveTracker 1.0.0 is Free and available in the US exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. This is perfect timing for the app with Mental Illness Awareness Week in the same month. Other features are being developed such as scheduled reminders and electronic reporting for mental health providers. For more information, including download instructions and screenshots of the app, visit ThriveStreams online and follow @ThriveStreams.