It’s A Cinch, an all in one weight loss app, debuts today on the Apple App Store. This application allows users to track the finer details of their calorie intake, offset it against the calories they burn, and then create meal plans around their energy consumption targets.
Built by indie developer, Jessica Talbi, one of the main selling points of It’s A Cinch is that the app provides a huge library of foods and exercises for users on a daily basis. In total, there are over 3 million food combinations as well as hundreds of exercise options. As a result, users create highly accurate, customised diaries of their diet and lifestyle.
It’s A Cinch has a unique story; Jessica was an avid user of calorie counting apps, but as her fitness level began to change, she noticed her apps were not evolving with her. Based on her first-hand experience of that problem, Jessica created It’s A Cinch to provide a more accurate way to teach users how to successfully count calories. Most importantly, Jessica aims to enable users to make healthy decisions by providing custom meals that fit individuals\’ specific calorie and dietary needs.
Speaking about It’s A Cinch, Jessica says, “I made this app for people like me, who are trying to balance a fun, fit, and full life without having to think too much about it. Following months of development, I’m really happy with how the product is looking, and I truly believe it offers a more personal experience compared to other apps in this niche.”
The best part of the It’s A Cinch weight loss app is that new recipe ideas and nutritional information are added regularly, providing an almost endless stream of content for the app’s rapidly expanding user base. All meals contain the best ingredients for weight loss, making the app much more useful than traditional calorie counter apps.
With many positive reviews already coming in, it sure looks to be an exciting few months for Jessica and her team. Download It’s A Cinch and start losing weight today! It’s A Cinch 1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.