AppGeneration today is pleased to announce the release of an extremely practical and fun app, iTuner Tops. This app features a vast music database, with information of 120 different countries, 40 million different songs and 4 million artists.
A 3D globe makes it very easy for users to browse and check the tops on a worldwide scale. Users can choose a specific region and view the details associated to it. This allows people to have a broader vision of the music panorama and become aware of the differences and similarities by country.
iTuner Tops also has filters by music / album and by type of music.
You can listen to a 30 second sample of each music, as well as get more details about it (duration, artist, nationality, biography of the artist and more information about the album). You can also share it, add the music to your favorites for later or even get redirected to the iTunes Store to buy that music.
iTuner Tops – Discover top songs and albums in a completely different way!
Feature Highlights:
* Top 100 most successful songs and albums of the day
* Top 100 hit songs and albums of the previous month
* Top local artists that are hitting the charts in each country on each day
* Songs and albums that are rising to the top positions in the weekly charts
* Albums with great discounts by country on a daily basis
* Discover which music are your friends buying and listening to
* 3D globe search engine
* Filter by music/album or by type of music
iTuner Tops 1.0 is currently available at $0.99 USD (80% discount first week!) and it’s available for iOS in the App Store in the Music category.