Intersog, a leading developer of mobile applications, today is excited to announce the launch of Secure Photo Storage 1.3.1 onto the App Store. Optimized for iOS 6 and compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this practical photo security solution allows users to secure all of the photos they normally store on their mobile devices via password protection in a single entry-proof folder. The app features flexible import and export options including Dropbox integration, a newly enhanced user interface and controls. as well as an expanded in-app help section for first time users. Guarantee yourself peace of mind & keep your images escure on the go with the help of:
* Password and pass-code protection
* Secret lock folder
* Secure export options
* Dropbox integration
* Safe and easy password reset options
* Practical yet sleek visual and UI design
* Extended in-depth help section
A powerful brass tacks picture security solution, Secure Photo Storage is built to keep user’s important images private on their device and fully under their control. Simply put, the app enables users to save and share their personal photos without worrying about prying eyes getting to them ever again. In today’s digital media driven world the risk of personal photos being compromised is exponentially greater than even a few years prior. It’s the reason Secure Photo Storage was introduced to mobile consumers and it does its job uncannily well.
Both adding photos from the user’s local Gallery as well as snapping images and saving them directly into the app is quick and easy. Furthermore photos and image documents within the app can be securely exported and imported via email and Dropbox as well. Integration with Dropbox also means users have the freedom to upload and download individual photos to different folders and manage the hierarchy and order of those folders all in one fell swoop too.
Secure Photo Storage with Dropbox 1.3.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. With flexible password creation and retrieval options, a handy tutorial, and photo restore capabilities available instantly via in-app purchase, Secure Photo Storage 1.3.1 is primed to give users the peace of mind to trust that their personal photos won’t ever become anyone’s public picture show.