Independent developer, Kuato Studios is excited to announce its latest mobile title: RECALL: The Memory Jogger, which released today for iOS devices. RECALL is a fast paced, social trivia game with a unique gameplay mechanic – RECALL presents gamers fun facts and trivia, then quizzes their memory recall in a race against the clock. With custom knowledge personas AKA “Mecalls,” coupled with a social challenge mode, RECALL is the ultimate platform for gamers to prove who is the brainiest of all their friends.
Playing RECALL helps build your general knowledge in a wide range of areas including Science, History, Movies, Music, Sport & Literature, all the while training the brain to be smarter through its unique RECALL engine. What makes the game so unique is that it’s not about what one knows, but how fast one can remember. RECALL is the only quiz game where you don’t need to know anything to start playing and by the end you’ll be the ultimate trivia master.
Key Features
* Create a game based on your own interests & test your memory with a wide variety of topics
* Play online: compete against other players from around the world
* Play friends: compete against your Facebook friends to prove who’s the smartest
* Customize your Mecalls with unique unlockable items
* Daily Challenge: memorize inspirational quotes from The Memory Jogger to earn extra hearts
* Free-To-Play Game for iOS
RECALL: The Memory Jogger (v1.03.30) is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.