MoneyMan: Manage your expenses
Developer: Preet Kamal Minhas
Price: free Download on the App Store
PKSArena today is pleased to announce that MoneyMan is available on the App Store. MoneyMan has been listed in the ‘New’ finance app section in India, Canada and UK App Store. MoneyMan makes the task of expense/budget management easy by providing the user options to categorize transactions under different groups. Users can specify the mode of payment as well as store a picture of the receipt along with the transaction entry.
MoneyMan has been designed such that more than one user can also use the app on the same device. The app accomplishes this by providing the ability to create multiple user profiles. These profiles can be protected by specifying a different password for every profile.
MoneyMan features a powerful reporting section which allows the income and expense entries to be grouped by Category, Purpose, Payment Mode or Transaction Type. This data can also be viewed as a pie chart to get a holistic view of the current financial status. Moreover, the generated reports can be emailed as CSV or HTML files. MoneyMan also features a reminder system which lets the user add reminders for upcoming transactions. The user is notified via the iOS notification system as well as via a reminder count on the main menu of the app.
MoneyMan: Manage your expenses 1.0.1 is available for free on the App Store. Users can store up to 15 transactions per month with the option to store unlimited number of transactions by completing an In-App Purchase.