It is so easy and fun to share music with friends nearby or around the world, and exchange comments about your favorite songs, with the Your Tunes World 1.2 app, available now at the Apple App Store.
Joel Roberts is an Australian musician who loves to spend evenings jamming with friends, talking about what’s hot in music, and sharing his latest finds in jazz and rock. To make that experience easier for himself and millions of others, Roberts developed the Your Tunes World app now available for download at iTunes.
Using this highly interactive social music app, friends can store and play music for personal pleasure, or share it with friends nearby or around the world. Your Tunes World searches for friends among all users, connects music lovers, and makes it easy to share comments about music. New Friends requests and New Comments notifications are automatically given. The app also makes it easy for users to share their favorite songs on Facebook and Twitter.
“The best thing about this app is that not only can you listen to the music you like,” says Roberts, “but at anytime you can hit the ‘match’ button and be connected to someone who is listening to the same song at that very moment. How awesome is that?”
When sharing comments with friends about music, the user can purchase music the friend is listening to and thanks to the GPS feature you can also determine their general location.
Roberts comes from a long line of musicians in Australia. His father Eddie is a famous guitarist in Perth and his mother and stepmother are renowned vocalists. An actor and a model, Roberts studied jazz at the Perth Conservatorium of Music. Your Tunes World does what many have attempted and failed to do – it brings people together through their shared taste in music.
The app is being promoted by Scott Lorenz of Westwind iPhone App Publicity.
Your Tunes World 1.2 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category.