Announcing that Joliware, the developer of Musik Freedom, has just released the latest update for iPad users. Musik Freedom 1.1 is a complete entertainment center for music and music videos. This app takes full advantage of the iPad’s native music player, while augmenting it with a host of features that give users total control of their music library. Notable updates for this version include a 10 band equalizer with 22 presets, a real time, bounce meter, and the all new “urDJ” tool that generates custom playlists across genres, artists and even other playlists from the user’s library. The urDJ tool even lets users search and add songs based on BPM (tempo) or track length.
Musik Freedom 1.1 Features Include:
– The Hot List displays the current song, the previous song, plus the next two
– Share Hot List via Twitter or Facebook
– DRM support
– Music video support
– Musik Freedom Queue plays in cooperation with all music lists, playlists, albums, DRM files and Music Videos on the iPad
– Airplay support lets users move their music video party to any airplay supported system or Apple TV
– Song ratings! Apply ratings such as G, PG, R and Explicit. Musik Freedom will only play songs with the rating level users choose
– 3Peat- Tap one button and the app repeats a song or video up to 3 times
– 10 Band Parametric Graphic EQ
– 11 Band bounce meter with color adjustment saves your last color choice
– Playlist Recovery protects against accidental changes or deletions
– View music in Cover Flow, List View or Grid View. Sort different views by song, playlist, album, or artist
Musik Freedom 1.1 gives users the freedom to have their music exactly the way they want it. The app makes it easy to add, delete or rearrange songs without disrupting the the current selection. Users can also add one song or several into the Plat Next spot, and have the option to add or delete all songs from a particular artist, playlist or album from the current playlist, while leaving the rest of the queue unchanged.
The 10 band graphic equalizer not only offers 22 different presets, but music aficionados can choose different settings for each song and the app automatically remembers and applies those settings each time the song is played.
Musik Freedom includes a rating system for listening in mixed company. Users can assign a rating of G, PG, R or Explicit to every song in their iPad. When a rating level is selected for a playlist, the app will only play songs from the list that are at or below the selected rating. With the rating system in place, every playlist is Kid-Friendly!
This developer has also introduced Social Musik DJ. This free app is designed to act as a companion app for Musik Freedom 1.1. Social Musik DJ lets the user’s friends and family check in via their own iOS devices and vote for the songs they would like to hear next. This can essentially put the playlist on auto-pilot, as it automatically bumps songs up the playlist as they accumulate votes. Songs with large amounts of votes are automatically bumped to the Hot List.
There is no other app in the App Store that gives users this much control over their music at this price point. With the addition of the free Social Musik DJ companion app, music fans can always have their music, their way, whether at home, in the car or at parties.
Musik Freedom 1.1 is only $9.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.
via PR Mac