In real estate, return on investment is one of the primary factors serious buyers look at before they even think about the mortgage. The Property Investment Calculator is a new app that gives buyers that vital return on investment information, and more. Users input the financial terms of the deal and Property Investment Calculator returns: the amount of funds needed to close the deal, instant equity, cash on cash return, monthly cash flow, and long term projected profit, among other metrics. Change the financial terms and the numbers are instantly updated for all metrics across the board.
“As the real estate market slowly begins its turnaround, creative investors know that speed is an asset when seeking out great deals,” said the developer of the Property Investment Calculator. “Having a real estate calculator that outlines the cash you need and the amount of money you’ll make now and in 25 years, definitely cuts down on time-consuming manual calculations. When you’re standing in front of a property with several other savvy investors, having a tool like this in your arsenal can put you light years ahead of everybody else.”
Is a no cash down deal possible? What about cash back on closing? How about the return on investment for the initial cash put in? These are just a few of the figures this real estate calculator manages. According to the iTunes page, Property Investment Calculator was created for real estate investors, by real estate investors who want to maximize their returns with the least amount of money invested. These are the same numbers users would have to crunch anyway, but the app makes it do-able while on the move.
Property Investment Calculator 1.0 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.