Quadrivio Corporation today is pleased to announces the release and immediate availability of Nota Plex 1.1, a multipurpose note-writing app for the iPad, featuring an extended keyboard that enables creation of notes, outlines, check lists, and spreadsheets by typing. Groups of notes are arranged on a note board. Nota Plex is available for $1.99 on the App Store.
Users can now create spreadsheets by typing keys to mark the beginning and end of spreadsheet cells. The app displays the cells as a formatted table that can include calculations based on numbers in other cells. The in-app user guide shows how to create a custom tax and tip calculator as a spreadsheet.
“Nota Plex is a convenient and effective solution for people who want to create and organize multiple types of notes,” said Michael Budiansky, President of Quadrivio Corporation. “It is the ideal note-writing app for iPad users who prefer to write notes by typing instead of handwriting.”
Nota Plex uses an extendable note board of up to 12 pages, with each page containing multiple notes in a standard grid. Nota Plex offers four different note sizes in seven different colors, with a choice of plain, lined, or grid rulings. The available note dimensions correspond to both U.S. and ISO sizes. Nota Plex users can create the following by using the keyboard:
– Notes
– Tables
– Photos
– Outlines
– Check lists
– Numbered lists
– Basic spreadsheets
– Time-stamped logs
– Internet bookmarks
– Free-form calculations
The app also has features for import and export, backup and restore, Dropbox and WebDAV file transfer, text search, typing of custom characters and symbols, and it includes a full built-in user guide.
Nota Plex 1.1 is $1.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.