Trois Elles, an independent educational app developer has announced the release of a new number app: Montessori Math City. Available to download on the App Store on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch from September 25th 2014, Montessori Math City offers 2 ways to approach units, tens, hundreds and thousands. Designed by Montessori teachers whose objective is to make children understand and love mathematics, the app makes children “build” numbers using Montessori golden beads & number blocks and lets them build their own unique city.
With the Montessori Golden Beads, children will start by counting units from 1 to 9. The app then shows them that a Ten is made of 10 units. Knowing that, they will be able to learn numbers from 10 to 90, still using the golden beads and realizing that 56 is composed of 5 Tens and 6 units. The progression continues in the same way until they reach a thousand!
In the “Number Blocks,” children will use what they learned with the golden beads but even more abstract as the Tens and Hundreds are now represented by only one block, slightly bigger than a unit block. The first step of this activity allows children to see all the different ways to make 10. Once that is done, they will be asked to “make” numbers using the number blocks, thus making sure that they have understood what units, tens and hundreds stand for.
As they evolve through the golden beads and number blocks activities, elements from their City are being unlocked. At first the City is empty but as “city blocks” unlock, children can go back and forth to their City and customize it as they wish. The city contains over 50 different elements, some of which are animated for fun surprises. Moreover, a clever dynamite stick allows them to remove an item and put it somewhere else.
Two different ways to learn numbers:
* The Montessori Golden Beads
* Fun Number Blocks
* A quiz containing our exclusive Dynamic Progression Algorithm to follow each child’s progress individually for adaptive learning
* A fun interactive city to build with items unlocked as the child progresses through the app
* 15 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Turkish & Russian
* Retina display & Universal app (iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini)
Montessori Math City is part of a suite of apps dedicated to making children understand and love mathematics, all of which have won Gold Medals from the Parents\’ Choice Awards. For more information, check out the Les Trois Elles’ website.
Montessori Math City 1.1 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.