Bloody Monsters 1.0 promises to provide hours of fun as you shoot the bloody monsters! Unlike other shooting games, the bullets can kill multiple monsters in one shot and bounce all over the place. Enjoy the amazing sounds and graphics as the bloody monsters get shot all over the place. Bloody Monsters is poised to quickly climb the charts and become a popular among its fans and gamers.
Do you have what it takes to complete all 240 levels of fun? See if you\’ve got the skill to kill all those bloody monsters within the required number of bullets for each level. Download and play this fun new strategy filled physics shooting game and see if you can master the art of firing this bouncy bullet!
Bloody Monsters offers beautiful retina graphics, showcases awesome sounds and animations, provides that perfect level of blood and gore so it\’s fun for both casual players, but yet keeps the hard core gamers entertained as well. Bloody Monsters is an extremely fun strategic physics based shooting game that will provide hours of fun.
Bloody Monsters is Free and available worldwide in the App Store, Android Play Store, Nook Store in the Games category. Download this extremely fun game today on you iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android Devices.