Bowerhaus today is pleased to introduce Word Association Football 1.0, its free puzzle game for iOS, where players must get from a starting word to an ending word using three Picture Associations. Each is chosen from a horizontally scrolling group of unrelated pictures at the bottom of the screen. The pictures can be enlarged for easy viewing on smaller screens and each can only be used once per game.
An example puzzle might start with the word “pirate” and end with the word “sand”. From “pirate” players must select the association to a picture of a treasure chest. From “treasure”, the correct link is to a picture of an island. From “island”, one must tap the picture of the sea and, finally, “sea” links logically to the end word, “sand”.
Feature Highlights:
* Ingenious word/picture association game for one player
* Each puzzle challenges the player to go from the start word to the end word using associations between pictures, where each picture stands for a word
* Free game with 500+ levels
* Hints available through “unstickers”
* An advanced (harder) version of the game is also available
Word Association Football includes hundreds of unique levels, and the puzzles are progressively more challenging. An animated tutorial is available, and the game is easy to learn. All of the word associations used in the game have been collected from real people from around the world. The skill is in estimating the correct word associations for each puzzle but it is made even more challenging by the need to figure out the game designers’ sometimes devilish choice of picture used for each word.
Unstickers are built-in hints to help players who find themselves stuck. The colored stickers come in three varieties: Easify – removes up to three of the unnecessary pictures from the slider; Reveal – fills in one of the correct pictures into the three-picture puzzle; and Skip – skips this puzzle and proceeds to the next. An alternative to unstickers is asking friends for help with a puzzle via the app’s built-in Facebook and Twitter connectivity.
“The rules are simple. You have to get from a start word to an end word by using three associations – each one described by a picture,” stated Andy Bower of Bowerhaus. “Not all the puzzles are as easy as you might think but, once you’ve mastered the standard game, there’s an even tougher version waiting to twist your cortex. See if you can complete all the levels in both games for ultimate bragging rights!”
Word Association Football 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. An advanced version of the game is available as an in-app purchase for $0.99 (USD).