So your native tongue is Italian, but you want instant messaging to contact a Russian speaker for business information. Or, you’re engaged in the friendly banter of World Cup rivalry with a friend in France, but you want to include German-speaking fans in your minute-by-minute exchange.
LB Entertainment Ltd is pleased to introduce the WorldMessage app. The updated app, now available for free in version 1.1.3, allows you to automatically translate communications all over the world – without knowing any language at all except for your own. This indispensable tool for students and professionals, for business or research or travel, offers cross-platform mobile instant messaging using your own 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi. Just set it up with your own language and you’ll get 64 different languages in 4,000 combinations.
“Use Your Language in the World is our corporate message,” explains Luca Ballarini, “because we want it to be your message, too. This technology connects people on the planet in a positive way, and facilitates the exchange of ideas and information, artistic expression and so much more than mere words alone.”
The app includes privacy protection for all users, whether you’re just extending a holiday greeting to a family member abroad, or getting real-time updates about sensitive political conditions or weather news. Apart from authentication data, your exchanges are kept on the server just long enough for delivery – and you can preset a password and chat duration times so that no data stays on the phone. The WorldMessage language you choose at set up also may be modified later, with the originating language available in English, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese.
* Instant Messaging with automatic translator
* 64 languages and 4,000 combinations
* Share photos, videos and position
* Chat groups
* Push notification
* Password to enter the app
* Pre-Set a chat duration time
* Set your profile
WorldMessage 1.1.3 is free and is available through the iTunes app store in the Social Networking category.