Appitudez Financial Calculator is a Killer Tool

Appitudez Financial Calculators is an excellent collection of consumer and business tools that should serve the needs of those shopping for a loan, car, or investment. Businesspeople who need to break down financial numbers while away from the computer are also likely to find it incredibly useful.
While finding a financial calculator on the web is normally a matter of just conducting a Google search for “mortgage calculator” it can be a bit more tricky from your iPhone. Fortunately if you opt to download Appitudez Financial Calculators most of the common formulas you need will be readily available.
Appitudez Financial Calculators is as handy as its name is long. There are 11 different calculators, ranging from those for a mortgage, savings, investment tools and annual percentage rate. The layout is very easy to work through as you simply tap on the different parameters and change the results.
Hit “go” and there is a succinct compilation of the information. If you want more details, the calculators can also provide an entire amortization schedule. This will list a specific breakdown by month or week for your mortgage or credit card payments. These scheduled can then be saved for later use or e-mailed. However, if you want to e-mail a schedule, you better do so when creating the calculation. Once saved, there is no option to send it to others.
Your saved calculations are in a pretty easy-to-use list that are listed in alphabetical order by name. Real estate salespersons or others could really benefit from the ability to save calculations and payment schedule for clients based on different properties they had shown. Consumers may want to revisit what the payment schedule may have looked like for that dream home.
Appitudez Financial Calculators is quite impressive in its 1.0 version. While a bit pricey by App Store standards, you can feel secure that when you spring for the app that the quality and usefulness are definitely there.