There are various apps and sites like Onlyfans available today that content creators can use to make money online. These alternatives provide a platform for creators to upload photos, videos, and sometimes Livestream media for entertainment. The fans of said artists/influencers/creators can enjoy the content in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.

In addition to fitness professionals, public figures, and YouTubers, OnlyFans is also a popular app for adult content creators. The site was launched in 2016 but witnessed its meteoric rise during the COVID lockdown when adult entertainers started using the platform to support themselves.

The website is similar to a social media platform where creators can buy, sell, and monetize content. However, there is an adult section containing NSFW content protected by a paywall, which users can subscribe to for somewhere between $4.99 and $49.99/month.

As a result, it has also become quite competitive, and becoming a successful content creator is now quite challenging. So here is a list of the 11 best Onlyfans alternatives that have less competition that you can use to make money online.

Top 11 Sites Like Onlyfans To Make Money in 2023

These ten best Onlyfans alternatives have been selected by us only after thoroughly checking and going through their features. These apps have received positive reviews and will provide content creators with all the advantages they need.

1) Flirtback – a safe and inclusive platform designed for adult performers and content creators

Flirtback - a safe and inclusive platform designed for adult performers and content creators is a safe and inclusive platform designed for adult performers and content creators looking to convert fans into subscribers with a variety of monetization options.
Flirtback celebrates all forms of sexuality and welcomes everyone, regardless of their background, orientation, or preferences.

The biggest benefit of Flirtback for creators is that Flirtback takes care of bringing traffic to your profile so you can focus on creating great content and communicating with users, instead of promoting your profile on various social media channels.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Multiple monetization options, including subscriptions (€9.99 a month), tips, and premium content sales.
  • Use the built-in messaging and chat features to connect with your fans and keep them coming back for more.
  • Verified users only: Only users who have paid the verification fee can access Flirtback and get in touch with creators, making it a premium platform with exclusively paying users.
  • A range of payout methods: including Bitsafe, Paxum, SEPA Transfer, ACH Transfer, International Check, or International Wire.
  • Payouts start at €50

2) Fancentro – Become A Top Content Creator With This Onlyfans Alternative To Make Money

Fancentro - Become A Top Content Creator With This Onlyfans Alternative

Using Fancentro, anybody can become a top content creator as it’s pretty easy to set up and use. Adult film actors and other influencers make money off their private social media accounts by charging for access through Fancentro, which is a subscription-based service app. It’s a way for content creators to communicate and interact with their fans via an optimized user interface that’s both easy and efficient.

One of Fancentro’s biggest advantages is its ability to transfer all your content and fans from your previous platform to theirs. The feature also applies to content your fans have already purchased, so all of their purchase histories remain intact.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Creators can pick a minimum payout amount, and there are seven payout methods to choose from.
  • Creators can pick from among various subscription offers that apply to both duration and price.
  • There is a 2-week hold on payouts, and Fancentro charges a 25% commission on all earnings.
  • There is also a free trial period to help you test out Fancentro’s app before you decide to switch over.

3) – A Unique Onlyfans Alternatives For Influencers, Artists, And Their Fans! - A Unique Onlyfans Alternatives For Influencers, Artists

MYM Fans is a unique Onlyfans Alternative for influencers, artists, and their fans because it offers a more personal experience compared to other fan-based content-sharing platforms. Fans can not only share special moments but also personally talk to the creators, a feature usually absent on such online platforms.

Fans can also request custom content from creators, either for themselves or for their friends. MYM lets you weave a close-knit community with your fans, creating a truly exceptional experience compared to the standards of similar alternatives. It’s the perfect place to convert your social media followers into paying subscribers

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Creators can set their own subscription price.
  • Creators with registered companies can also set up a professional account.
  • There is also the option to post public content that’s not restricted behind a paywall.
  • Creators can earn via private posts/media, tips, push media, and subscriptions.
  • MYM charges a commission of 25%, and the minimum payout is 50 Euros.

4) LoyalFans – Great Subscription-Based Onlyfans Alternative To Make Money

LoyalFans - Great Subscription-Based Onlyfans Alternative

LoyalFans is a great Onlyfans alternative app that offers a subscription-based service where the fans can also pay for one item or a whole collection based on their choice. In addition to the selling feature, Loyalfans has a dedicated blog, which is an excellent resource for new content creators on the platform.

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It may lack MYM’s migrating feature, but some blogs are quite inspirational and informative. They can help you put together the perfect strategy required to rise above the competition and become a successful entertainer/content creator/influencer.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • The pricing model is quite flexible. Although subscriptions are between $1 and $50, creators can earn upto $500 by selling photos and videos.
  • There are two payouts every month with a minimum amount of $50. And the balance rolls over to the next pay cycle.
  • Creators must also sign an agreement and offer a valid photo ID before they can start uploading content.
  • Contents that are sensitive in nature are marked.
  • Creators can use logos instead of images.

5) Fansly – A Highly Popular Onlyfans Alternative Having Many Famous Influencers

Fansly - A Highly Popular Onlyfans Alternative Having Many Famous Influencers

Fansly is one of the most popular Onlyfans alternatives, with many famous influencers. The key difference between Fansly and other platforms is the rigorous application process, which ensures the creators are mature and experienced in their craft. But the biggest selling point is the freedom to view the content beforehand.

The content created by the artists is, in most cases, not readily locked behind a paywall. If you’re new to the app and its platform, you can show off a lot of your content for free, create a steady fanbase, and then monetize your videos/photos accordingly. It gives new creators a chance to compete against older, more experienced artists.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Platform with one of the highest earning potentials upwards of $10,000 per month.
  • However, they have a nice referral bonus, and the minimum payout is $100.
  • Fans have the option to insert emojis on the photos of creators.
  • Fansly charges a standard 20% on all earnings.

6) iFans – Onlyfans Alternative With The Best Referral Programs

iFans - Onlyfans Alternative With The Best Referral Programs

iFans has one of the best referral programs among all apps and platforms. If the 80% commission isn’t enough, you can supplement your earnings with a lifetime referral program. However, you’d have to get in early if you really want to take advantage of that feature.

iFans also boasts one of the best analytics dashboards among all such subscription-based platforms. It’s a great place for first-time content creators, especially if you know a few people who are interested in joining in with you.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Creators will be paid a commission on every purchase made by the user who has used their code, and they refer to another creator by way of a tag.
  • There is also a 5% lifetime referral bonus.
  • The minimum payout is $20.
  • Boasts one of the best referral programs.

7) Fanvue – One Of The Fastest Growing Onlyfans Alternative To Make Money For Content Creators

Fanvue - One Of The Fastest Growing Onlyfans Alternative

Fanvue is one of the fastest-growing Onlyfans alternatives that is perfect for beginners due to its low commission rates. 5% doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re earning in the thousands and already have a loyal fan base, the extra amount from the first year can add up to a hefty bonus.

Also, keeping in line with recent trends, Fanvue introduced the ability to sell NFTs directly on their app and site. So if you commission copyrighted digital content, you can sell it to your fans hassle-free.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Let’s creators share promotional videos, which are much more appealing compared to still pictures.
  • There is an earning calculator to help creators get an estimate of their earning potential.
  • Only charges a 15% commission for the first 12 months, after which it increases to 20%.
  • Fanvue also offers a 5% referral bonus, and there is a minimum payout fee of $20.
  • All content is locked behind subscriptions.

8) Okfans – A Revolutionary Onlyfans Alternative To Make Money For Creators And Fans

Okfans - A Revolutionary Onlyfans Alternative For Creators

Formerly known as FanPage, Okfans aims to create a vibrant community for content creators and their fans. They encourage you to plan ahead and produce content in advance so that you’re always ready to meet your fans’ demands.

Okfans also promotes cross-collaboration among different creators on the platform. This helps to create fresh and unique content in any given niche and gives their fans something to look forward to every day. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform where the motto is to grow together as a community and an individual.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • There is an option to set availability for visuals contents. For instance, they can set it to public subscriptions only or create custom prices for special fans.
  • Additionally, creators can post photos and videos on their profiles and live-stream content.
  • Creators can earn from paid content, subscriptions, tips, and personal messages.
  • As usual, Okfans takes a 20% cut from all your earnings.

9) Fantime – One Of The Best Onlyfans Alternative To Make Money With Copyright Security

Fantime - One Of The Best Onlyfans Alternative With Copyright Security

Fantime’s copyright security is among the best. On other apps and platforms, the responsibility of monitoring your content falls squarely on your shoulders. But Fantime’s copyright protection team guarantees total safety.

Additionally, you can even pick your own domain name and even create customized logos to set yourself apart from others. If you’re concerned with others stealing your content and constantly fearing revenue and reputation loss, then set up shop on Fantime and enjoy a worry-free creative life.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • If creators believe their work has been used on Fantime without their permission, they can get in touch with the organization’s designated copyright agent.
  • Payments are given out weekly with a minimum payout amount of $20.
  • Fantime can easily connect with Twitter using your account.
  • The cost of a monthly subscription ranges from $5 to $50.
  • Creators can create custom domains.

10) Fanso – Create Your Own Onlyfans Alternative And A Marketplace Using Fanso

Fanso - Create Your Own Onlyfans Alternative

Fanso is unlike any other subscription-based community marketplace. It’s not a website or a app per se, but a script that you can use to create a membership platform like Patreon or OnlyDans, but with more features. They offer two packages to their creators: Starters and Professionals.

The basic starter pack is recommended for first-time entrepreneurs. You don’t get access to the source code, but you won’t need it since you’re just setting up the business.

You should only get a professional license if you have a developer on your team. They can customize the source code and add more features to your website to help you better interact with your fans.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Creators can build a separate eCommerce store to sell fan-favorite merchandise, and users can buy them using tokens.
  • No limit to streaming minutes and creators can use tokens to monetize videos.
  • Creators can also sell stories on their news feeds, much like Instagram.
  • Free updates for the first year, after which it costs $299/year.
  • Live demo available.

11) Patreon – Best Onlyfans Alternative To Make Money That Doesn’t Allow Adult Content

Patreon - One Of The Best Onlyfans Alternative for creators

Patreon isn’t an exact alternative to OnlyFans because they limit the exposure of adult content. Nudity and other graphical content hinting at sexual intentions must be flagged as mature in the app. Intercourse and pornographic content are prohibited, but creators can still showcase erotic art.

The rest of the services are similar. Your followers gain access to exclusive content and merchandise in exchange for a subscription fee.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • For 8% and 12% commission on monthly earnings from Patreon, additional features are offered.
  • The Lite plan offers communication tools, a host page, and workshops in exchange for a 5% commission on sales.
  • Creators can choose from among three payment/subscription packages.

Parting Thoughts

It would be best to consider your needs before choosing a specific platform or a app, as social media platforms like Onlyfans provide mainstream and adult content for influencers across all niches. These platforms provide comparable services, such as monetizing devoted followers through videos, private messages, customer requests, subscription packages, and referral schemes. So, with this, our list of the ten best Onlyfans Alternatives to make money for content creators ends, and we hope this article helps you.

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