Are u looking for options to delete the doordash account? Find our step-by-step guide for deleting the doordash account here.

DoorDash, Inc. is an online meal ordering and delivery platform based in the United States. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. It is the largest food delivery firm in the United States, with a 56 percent market share.

How To Delete A Doordash Account?

Because there isn’t a way to delete your DoorDash account via the mobile app, you’ll have to go to the website. This can be done on a computer, phone, or tablet using a web browser. If you use the caviar app, removing your DoorDash account will also result in the deletion of your caviar account.

1. Go to in any web browser. To avoid opening the app on a phone or tablet, tap continue in the browser.
2. After that, choose Sign in to your Doordash Account.

sign in doordash account
3. Select Account from the three-line menu in the top left corner once you’ve signed in.

three line menu
4. In the upper right corner, select Manage Account. If you’re on a phone or tablet and don’t see this option, move the page to the left a little and it should appear next to the change password option.

select manage account
5. At the bottom of the Manage Account screen, select Delete Account.

delete account
6. To confirm, Door Dash will send a code to the phone number or email address on file. Once you’ve received the code, type it into the webpage and click the Verify button.

code send
7. A confirmation message will appear, informing you that any credits or gift card balances will be forfeited.

8. To confirm, click continue and then delete the account.

confirm and delete
If you’re also a member of DoorDash’s 999-per-month dash pass program, make sure to cancel it separately.

How To Delete A DoorDash Payment Method?

It’s not difficult to add or remove a credit card via the DoorDash Android or iOS apps, however, the option is hidden.
Here’s how it’s done:

  • Log in to your DoorDash account using the website or the app.
  • Tap the DashPass menu.
  • Then select the Hamburger menu.
  • Then choose Manage DashPass.
  • Finally, click End Subscription.

What Is The Procedure For Resetting The DoorDash App

Remove and reinstall the DoorDash app. Reinstall the DoorDash app after uninstalling it and turning off your phone for 3-5 seconds.

Is It Possible To Cancel DoorDash?

You can cancel a DoorDash order through the app or on the website’s desktop version. The sooner you cancel an order, the more likely you are to receive a full refund from DoorDash. You may only receive a partial refund if a Dasher has been assigned to you.

What Is The Procedure For Creating A New DoorDash?

Yes, you can create a new DoorDash account. To create an account, log onto your DoorDash account and select “Create a New Account.” When you create a new account, you’ll have to enter your email address and password again.

How Do I Update My DoorDash Email?

Desktop users:

  • Log in to your DoorDash account on the website.
  • In the upper left corner, open the menu.
  • Choose “Account.”
  • Edit the fields that need to be updated.
  • Choose “Save.”
  • Use 2-factor authentication to verify your details. The process will be guided by on-screen directions.

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