Arcade Hoops A Blast For Basketball Lovers

Aracade Hoops is a fast-paced and exciting offering for those looking to work on their jump shot with an iPhone or iPod touch.
Skywords Interactive, which is behind the popular and productivity-killing ESPN Arcade, brings a slick app patterned after the basketball shooting games found in arcade rooms everywhere. The gameplay is pretty easy to figure out and quite addicting.
The timer gives you 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible – all of this done by flicking your finger. To start showing your basketball skills, you use your finger to grab a ball and then flick toward the top of the screen to shoot. The faster your flick, the farther your shot. But you also need to aim. Try to angle your flick towards the basket to score.
There are two modes of gameplay; traditional and and classic. In the traditional game you have an immovable target that you can fire away at. After playing this mode for a bit you will probably be ready for an extra challenge. This is where the classic mode comes in. Just like at an arcade, the basket moves toward you and then further away.
The graphics are solid, offering you two hands in the foreground that represent where your player is gripping the ball. An arcade-like scoreboard sits atop the hoop and keeps track of the score; also rewarding you with announcements for a swish or series of made shots.
Arcade Hoops is the perfect app if you are looking for the five- to ten-minute time killer. It is fun and addictive, even though the gameplay over time gets a bit repetitive and simplistic. Arcade Hoops also works well with a friend, as you can challenge each other to see who can rack up the highest number of points.