Asva the Monkey HD is the first full-feature game by the developers at Osja studios, and, boy, is it a home run. The app is a puzzle adventure game that requires logic and problem-solving skills and is, not only a brain-teasing game but, a lot of fun as well. Asva the Monkey HD revolves around a cute little monkey named Asva, who loves to eat watermelon and lie around in the trees.

One day, Asva the Monkey sees a magical light, and when he goes to inspect it, is transported into another world. The game then starts with you controlling Asva and helping him solve puzzles to collect crystals in order to return him home. The game is quite simple once you get the hang of it.

The rules of Asva the Monkey HD are that you must retrieve a crystal by walking on many platforms that disappear once you move to the next one. So, you cannot move backward and must use every platform in the level before you can retrieve the crystal and move on. The intrigue of the game is figuring out the correct sequence of movements in order to jump on all the platforms that lead to the crystal without repeating yourself.

Asva the Monkey HD has six different worlds: forest, waterfall, crystal, clouds, volcano, and Iceland—and over 90 different levels. The app also has three different modes: endless mode, survival mode, and storytelling mode. The graphics on Asva the Monkey HD are spectacular, and the worlds that you visit during each level look fantastic on your iOS devices. The game is available on both the iPhone and iPad, but I definitely prefer the gaming experience on a larger device.

Asva the Monkey HD is only $1.99 on the App Store and provides great value for the price. The app also has a few in-game power-ups that you can purchase to make the game easier to play. Asva is extremely addicting and might get you hooked on the first try. It is also extremely popular, as it has been the number one paid game on the Cambodian App Store (yes, Cambodia has its own App Store).

Asva the Monkey HD is a brain-teasing good time. The levels start off simple enough, but once you get going they become very complicated and make the game so hard to put down. If you are an AppCraver reader that loves challenging, brain-teasing games, then Asva may just be the monkey you’ve been looking for. I am addicted to this game and recommend it highly. But if you get stuck with a new monkey on your back, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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