Audi A4 Driving Challenge

Sitting behind the wheel of an overpriced car; the midwestern girls who will love you; the mid-level performance you will enjoy. It will be sooo awesome.
The mildly pleasurable feeling I thought I might experience when playing Audi A4 never materialized.
The idea is cool. You use the iPhone like a steering wheel. There is a place near your right thumb for gas and left for brake. It takes advantage of the motion control in the iPhone, which is also really cool.
The major problem with Audi A4 is that the view looks down on the car from a helicopter perspective. This is a major flaw because trying to control the car, as from the driver’s point-of-view is pretty tough because it keeps changing directions. The helicopter perspective wrecks the fun.
Audi A4 uses the motion control in a really cool way. It would be such an amazing game if they put you inside the car and into the driver seat. You aren’t in the drivers seat however, so the fun is diminished by 95%.