AudibleSpeed Enables You to See and Hear Just How Fast You’re Traveling

If you want to know how fast you’re traveling and for how long, whether it’s on wheels or by boat, then OK Apps’ AudibleSpeed (GPS Speed Monitor) will satisfy your need for speed with sight and sound.
It’s one of many GPS apps available for iPhone 3G and GS that enables you to track your speed and time over a specified distance. (What it won’t tell you is how to get where you’re going. For that you’ll need an app such as Navigon AG’s MobileNavigator or a similar app.)
What makes AudibleSpeed (GPS Speed Monitor) unique is you can designate a speed range and then apply a sound effect and a color to visually and audibly alert you when you’re within that range.
The speed ranges can be set from 0 mph all the way up to a sizzling 300 mph. AudibleSpeed also displays your maximum and average speed, distance or time in m/sec, km/h, mph or knots.
In addition, you have an infinite number of RGB colors to use, which can be adjusted using sliders. The screen background changes colors to indicate when you’re within a specified range.
Finally, there’s a lengthy list of sound effects (alarm, laser, bubble, dog bark – you name it). The sound effects can also be set to trigger once or repeatedly within your designated range.
Once you’ve selected your ranges, sounds and colors, you’re good to go. AudibleSpeed will also display your results in digital or analog (like a speedometer) formats as well as plot them on a graph over the most recent 80 seconds.
If you’re interested in tracking your speed, also check out Felix Lamouroux’s Trails – GPS Tracker and Fullpower Tech’s MotionX GPS.