The amazing aspect of the App Store is that there is always room for competition. Take for instance calendar and list-maker apps, there is probably a new addition every day, and just when I think it’s a crowded arena, something such as Awesome Calendar pops up and improves on the category. The beauty of the app is that it’s a robust option for busy individuals and also offers simplicity to those who just need an easy-to-use to-do list maker.

I used to use Google Calendar a lot until I bought an iPhone and then there have been few easy ways to sync calendars, but with Awesome Calendar, it’s almost effortless to sync and a lot of fellow “G-Suite” users are going to be impressed. The app goes beyond just calendars and offers to-do list creation, adding notes with photos, checking the weather, and much more. Basically, it’s the complete package.
Another impressive feature is the ability to collaborate with others by sharing events, notes, and to-do lists directly from within the app. This is a major plus for those who frequently need to share information about an upcoming meeting.

Awesome Calendar is downright easy to use and is so intuitive that it’s as easy as pushing a button to create a new meeting. From there you can also type in a note about whatever it is you’re meeting about so you can prepare for it. Think about the possibilities for a second.
What if you just met with a potential client and they’re needing a mockup asap, but you’re elsewhere and needing to focus on today’s tasks? Well, luckily, you have your team back at the office and you just shared your notes and a photo of the potential product. Now, they can get started while you continue bringing in the leads.

The app is three apps in one package as it offers calendar, todo, and note-taking with photos. This is a powerful combination that is going to help anyone with their time management issues. Just think about the time you’re going to save from not having to switch between apps to set an appointment, write notes or get your list of things to do going. And don’t forget, the weather is displayed at the top of the app as well as within the calendar view so you know before you go. Overall, I’d have to say that Awesome Calendar is more than a must-have, it’s essential.

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