Twilight? Vampires? Werewolves? Really? Come on. They’re good for scaring and maybe titillating teenage girls — but Zombies are real.
At the beach last month, I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and World War Z; I drank zombies; I listened to Rob Zombie; I rented Shaun of the Dead; And of course I played zombie apps. If, like me, you think the only thing tastier than a fresh brain is a fresh zombie app, read on!

New and Updated Zombie Games for 2011

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus
Developer: Bolt Creative
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store
Pocket God: Journey to Uranus has added a whole new platformer to the franchise called Decapithon. This zombie-riddled platformer features 8 levels, 4 enemy types and even boss battles all just in time for Halloween. Players tilt the device to move their Pygmy left and right, tap an on-screen button to jump, and tap the screen in the direction they want to throw their axes. For zombie decapitation purposes, of course.
Paper Zombie Halloween
Developer: Wildbit Studios S.L.
Price: free Download on the App Store
Paper Zombie Halloween is a new arcade style blaster that combines strategy and shooting in a fantasy game for the iPhone that reinvigorates the classic zombie genre with a new breed of zombies – all made of paper. It is action-packed with highly creative visuals and 3D graphics, unique quirky Zombie characters, and a fantastic original soundtrack by DJ Kaze. In the spirit of Halloween, WildBit released Paper Zombie Halloween as a free download Halloween Edition, with new explosive Halloween weapons and spooky scenarios specially created for the haunted night.
Zombie Life 
Developer: Playforge Games LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store
A successor to smash hit iOS game Zombie Farm, in Zombie Life players take on the role of a young zombie and are challenged to live life in the real world. Players must learn ways to blend in with society by staying “fresh” and disguising themselves. Energy is needed to do actions and progress throughout the game. The zombie’s mood will fluctuate: It rises with fun activities such as hanging out, biting people and getting a promotion. Conversely, it falls when they work hard or when the town discovers the zombie’s true nature. Zombies must work to make a living and climb the corporate ladder, at places like Burger Kong or the local grocery store. But with each job, players can get promoted and better their career for a better zombie life!

Classic Zombie Game Favorites

Plants vs. Zombies, Rating 8/10 For those that haven’t played the desktop version of PvZ, Plants vs. Zombies is a cute and irreverent addition to the zombie genre—the graphics are cartoon-like, not ghoulish. The app is a casual tower defense game — simplified down to its essence — where you use an arsenal of plants to fight off 26 different types of zombies. PvZ is playable but not especially challenging. The fun in this game is in seeing what the next level will bring—new “bio-weapons,” imaginative obstacles, or some as-yet unknown cannibalistic cuteness. Also check out Plants vs Zombies for the iPad, $9.99, with a few extra games and crisp High-Definition graphics. Read the Plants vs Zombie review.
Zombie Attack: Second Wave XL, Rating: 9/10The ZA franchise is legendary in pocket zombie circles, and the IUGO guys have outdone themselves in this all-device offering. ZA2 is a tower defense zombie-blaster extraordinaire, and the iPad app lets you share the mayhem in co-op mode. Whichever device you use, you have access to your iPod music throughout the game, plus scads of weapons, turrets, zombie types, and costumes.
Zombie Smash, Rating 10/10 In Zombie Smash, you do what you’ve always wanted to do to Zombies. You pimp-slap ‘em. You throw ‘em across the screen. You beat ‘em, you shoot ‘em, you drop heavy rocks on ‘em, you blow ‘em up with grenades. And, you do it up-close and personal. Zombie Smash also features SplatterEngine, a death and dismemberment simulator. Whack one of the evil, undead rascals, and watch body parts and heads come off with a satisfying spray of cartoon blood spatters. Build your Zombie-killing skills as you work your way through Easy, Normal and Insane levels. Read the Zombie Smash review.
Adv of Zombie Sniper, Rating: 7/10 Full name: Adventures of the Zombie Sniper. Zombie Sniper is a full-on gore-fest. It’s just a sniper game, with Zombies instead of terrorists – but that makes all the difference. When you have 3D Lego figures made of meat and bones to work with instead of balaclava-wearing cut-outs, the whole sniping genre reaches new heights. Super-intuitive touch controls make the game easy to start playing, a generous assortment of weapons and upgrades keeps you playing, and the sound effects are, well, to die for.
Zombieville USA, Rating 8/10 The campy graphics and theme are killer in Zombieville USA. As the lone survivor of a Zombie Apocalypse, you are on a mission to kill the undead. Roam the streets of Zombieville and try to collect enough change to buy cooler weapons and more ammunition. The game goes on and on up to 99 levels or until your brains are gone — whichever comes first. Own an iPad? Then, check out Zombieville USA HD — same low price with new iPAd-only features. Read the complete Zombieville USA review.
Zombie Farm. If Farmville is too “Main Street USA” for your tastes, then perhaps you should check out Zombie Farm. All the same fun of planting, growing and harvesting with the added bonus that only zombies can bring. Plant corpses with your crops to create bizarre mutations, plant and harvest an army of 20 different zombies, invade the brains of your neighbors, and then, share it all on Facebook. In-app upgrades and purchases mean that you can play Zombie Farm forever and ever — or at least until the real zombie apocalypse comes along.
Zombie Shock, Rating: 8/10 If you’re going to be involved in comic-book violence anyway, you may as well be in a comic book. ZS’s “story mode” puts you in one, immersing you in the storyline of a graphic novel. ZS’s hero starts out as a doctor, not a tough guy, so get used to hearing your character whine “Stop it!” and “Go away, monsters!” You’ll likely be hearing that for a while, possibly in your sleep. Try the “Lite” version for free if you want to forestall the inevitable, and then pop for a buck.
Tweet Defense HD, Rating: 9/10 You think you’re the only one obsessed with zombies? Well you’re wrong, and Tweet Defense HD proves it. TD HD is a genre-busting social-deathworking great shamble forward that lets you and your friends gang-slay the unmentionables via Twitter. An account’s not necessary to play, just to gloat at people who don’t have the app. Brilliant graphics and great game-play, but some bugginess and a steep buy-in price prevent the elusive 10/10 rating.

More Zombie Apps

As much as we love zombie games, there are more zombie apps available in the App Store than we have time test. Here are some of the most popular apps with a decidedly undead theme as well as a few newcomers that show potential for becoming the next, big, must-have zombie app.
Draw Slasher HD: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies. Let’s be honest, you had me at Pirate Monkey Zombies. Draw Slasher has all the pre-requisites of a chart-topping Zombie app — invading monsters, multiple gameplay modes, achievements to earn and OpenFeint to brag about them, and, of course, plenty of opportunities to slash through the enemies with lots of gore. For me, though, it still comes down to three words: Pirate. Monkey. Zombies.
Zombie Me. If you love zombies so much, maybe you want to be one. Well, now you can. Zombie Me is a photo-effects app that turns your friends into zombies with bulging, lifeless eyes, dripping blood, perfectly pasty skin tones that just seem to say “rotting flesh.” See how many humans you can infect then save the zombie-fied photos to your camera roll or email to a friend.
ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier. Much like Zombie Me, ZombieBooth is about infecting your friends, and turning them — or at least their photos — into zombies. This app takes the zombie theme even further with 3D graphics, motion, sound effects and Facebook integration. But, be careful, this zombie army is on the move. You new zombie avatar can also be used in other apps from MotionPortait, like PhotoSpeak where you can give your zombie the ability to talk back.
Zombie Wallpapers – iPad edition. What can we say? It’s a “carefully selected” collection of high-definition zombie wallpaper. Dark and scary, photo-realistic or fine illustration — Zombie Wallpapers offers a variety of brain-eating designs so you can switch it up. According to the developers, the app was recently updated and now includes — more zombies!
Night of the Living Dead – LoL Cinema. Snuggle up around the iPad for a little zombie nostalgia with Night of the Living Dead – LoL Cinema. This app features the full-length movie that started it all along with information about the making of the movie and current film reviews. Some say that the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead was ground zero for pop-culture’s fascination with the impending zombie apocalypse. Here’s a chance to watch the movie and decide for yourself.
What are your favorite zombie apps?