Baby Maker! Creates Comical Kids

I do not have any children, but I have wondered on occasion what my kids would look like if I had some. Baby Maker! is designed to give me a comical glimpse into a child-filled future.
Don’t take Baby Maker! too seriously. Because Baby Maker! is a joke app, you will not find results that reflect you and your photo partner’s stunningly good looks. Rather, Baby Maker! creates pictures of kids that can be described with one word: creepy.
You start by choosing two pictures. Baby Maker! takes the eyes from one person and the mouth from another and drops them onto a photo of a child with the gender and ethnicity of your choice. The final product is a zombie-like creature with bizarre features. You can also allow Baby Maker! to choose gender and ethnicity randomly, but the subsequent results can be rather tasteless.
Baby Maker! does not have facial recognition capability so your original pictures have to be centered and close up. You have the opportunity to shift the pictures, but Baby Maker! has a major quirk: you can only shift pictures up and to the left, not down or to the right. I spent a lot more time trying to take centered pictures than I expected to. Baby Maker! also both crashed and froze on me a few times.
With Baby Maker!, you can use photos you already have or take new photos. You can merge friends, mates, movie stars or your pets. Yes, like any curious app reviewer I did try to merge my photo with a picture of my dog, and the resulting child was a mutant monstrosity. After that, I decided I would skip my urge to use Baby Maker! to see what my offspring would look like with Keanu Reeves.
If your sense of humor appreciates LOLer Apps‘ rather unsavory Baby Maker! motto, “Don’t SHAKE babies, MAKE babies!”, then the brief, crass entertainment that Baby Maker! provides may be right up your alley. For now, I am done making babies.