Baby Rescue is Pint-Sized Piloting Fun

If piloting a helicopter and rescuing innocent anime babies stranded all over the world is your idea of fun, then Baby Rescue by Kooapps LLC is the game for you.
Using basic touch screen controlls combined with the accelerometer feature of the iPhone, you pilot a helicopter across colorfully animated landscapes with the mission of rescuing all babies on the level.
An arcade style game, Baby Rescue has simple-to-understand controls that are somewhat challenging to master. The cutesy sound effects and colorful graphics combine to make it a pleasant game for any age, though it was clearly designed to appeal to kids. Still, the coordination challenge of piloting the chopper while deploying the baby rescuer makes it quick and easy fun for any age.
There are several features to Baby Rescue that make it complete, including Facebook and Twitter integration, level select, and highscore leader boards. The included tutorial that launches at the start of every game is thorough and helpful, though the best way to get a feel for the game is to simply play it a few times through on the first and easiest level.
While not a particularly deep plot, the coordination challenges presented make Baby Rescue a decent pocket game. As a bonus, it’s priced right at .99 and a free Lite version is also available to try before you buy.