Bar Bingo Was Its Name-O

When I was a kid, I used to play bingo at the church hall with my mom. Bar Bingo is slightly more irreverent, and a heck of a lot more fun.
Before I even started playing Bar Bingo by EXTENDInteractive with my friends, looking at the game board made me laugh out loud. Just like regular bingo, you have to complete a vertical, diagonal or horizontal row across the board.
With Bar Bingo, the game board does not have numbers; rather, it has things you would see in a bar. Some of the squares will be easy to obtain such as juke box or glass shelves. Others will require you to watch other patrons, like laughing head toss, talking on cell phone and dance moves: sprinkler. Most of them are humorous, including butt crack, Amish beard and Elvis sighting.
Playing Bar Bingo with my friends was even more entertaining than reading through the items on the board. Because many of the items are outrageous, it makes it hard to actually win the game, but the enjoyment comes from playing, not winning.
Bar Bingo not only encourages people-watching, it gives you permission to make fun of things with your friends. When is the last time that you got excited because someone’s butt crack was showing? It is a real treat to find one of the stranger things on the board, like lint picking.
Sometimes one item shows up more than once on the Bar Bingo board. If it is something you end up finding in the bar, I suppose this could be beneficial. A number of the squares are cocktails, many of which are hard to identify without talking to whoever is drinking them.
Competitively playing Bar Bingo relies on someone else besides just you having an iPhone or iPod touch, as well as the Bar Bingo app. The app is only 99 cents, and it is definitely worth downloading with your friends if you enjoy spending time in bars and you want a good laugh.
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