Looking for Best Crypto Presales in August 2022? Find the Upcoming Crypto Presale Tokens of August 2022. Check out the list of top-performing Crypto Presales Projects of 2022.

If you decide to purchase digital assets in presale, you have the chance to become an early investor. That usually means you can buy tokens at a discount and get the largest profit margin. However, with hundreds of blockchain projects in the works, choosing the best crypto presales in 2022 is easier said than done.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies led to an enormous spike in the number of new projects and metaverses. Most recent projects use the presale tactic to attract investors and gather the funds they need to complete projects.

So we’ve put this guide together after close consideration and feature comparison. Here are our top crypto presales projects on the markets.

The Best Crypto Presales List in 2022

Best Crypto Presales & Tokens To Invest In August 2022

After comparing their features, prices, and roadmaps, the following selection of crypto presales includes the top 5 projects at the moment. We narrowed the selection down to the best crypto presales in 2022. Invest in any of them, and you might be looking at extremely high gains by the end of the year.

  • Tamadoge (TAMA) – Best Presale Crypto To Invest In
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Best Presale Crypto To Invest In Runner Up
  • Say Network (SAY) – One of the Best Crypto Presales In 2022
  • EstateX (ESX) – New Real Estate Crypto Presale
  • LunaOne (XLN) – Popular Crypto Presale Metaverse Project 

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A Closer Look At The Best Crypto Token Presales to Invest In August 2022

Crypto presales are always popular among investors looking for a massive return. Becoming a part of a project before it takes off can lead to incredible returns, but only if the project in question makes it to the markets. Here are more details about the best crypto presales in 2022. Let’s take a closer look at each project, its goals, price predictions, etc.

1) Tamadoge – Best Presale Crypto To Invest In August 2022

Tamadoge - Best Presale Crypto To Invest In 2022

Tamadoge is by far the best presale crypto to invest in at the moment. It’s a new meme coin project set in a metaverse called the Tamaverse. The project belongs to the same ecosystem as the popular Dogecoin, and it uses that as leverage to attract investors. Needless to say that the plan is working, as Tamadoge is the first meme coin project with real utility.

Except for taking place in a vibrant virtual world, Tamadoge offers many other features that will set it apart from all other meme tokens on the markets. It also features a built-in NFT store, super-fun play-to-earn games, regular competitions, an active community, and multiple reward opportunities. The entire project is made according to the best industry practices, and it has the potential to become the real “Dogecoin Killer.”

The core of the game revolves around training and taking care of your digital pet. Tamadoge is inspired by a popular hand-held game from the 90s called Tamagochi. Like the first game, this one puts you in a role of a pet trainer, and your job is to ensure that your pets are fed, healthy, and happy as they grow. Of course, you can always play with your pet, use it to complete challenges, and explore the many locations and maps within the Tamaverse

All pets and in-game items function as NFTs, so you can trade, buy, and sell them in the Tama NFT store. Every transaction is competing using the platform’s native token, TAMA. Players can also win TAMA tokens by reaching the top of the monthly leaderboards. After the Tamaverse goes live, the project will add new maps, pets, and even an AR feature for an even more realistic experience.

TAMA tokens are currently available in presale for $0.01. The minimum investment is $150, which will give you 15,000 tokens. The tokens presale will last until October when the project is expected to go live. The current price is much lower than what’s expected in the future, so you have the perfect chance to invest early and enjoy the highest gains in the future.

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How To Buy TAMA Token In Presale?

The beta pre-sale of this token started on 25th July 2022. The Beta presale should end on 2nd September, and the general presale – following the presale- will end in Q4 2022

Everyone interested can buy TAMA with ETH or USDT, and there is no minimum amount of money required for the purchase. However, the Tamadoge team advised everyone who wants to buy the tokens to make the purchase of a minimum of $150 worth of ETH or USDT.

The price is $0.01 for 1 TAMA or $100 for 10,000 TAMA.

  • Here is a short guide on how to buy TAMA tokens:
  • Set up your wallet – Tamadoge uses Metamask or Trust Wallet to store tokens.
  • Obtain ETH or USDT – You will be able to buy TAMA with these funds
  • Visit the Tamadoge website – This is where the presale happens.
  • Make a purchase – Click on Buy, then click on Connect wallet and connect your wallet.
  • Buy Tamadoge – Enter the amount of TAMA coins you want to purchase and click Convert ETH.
  • Claim your tokens – Once the presale ends, you can collect your tokens by clicking the Claim button on the website.

2) Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Presale Crypto Token To Invest In 2022

Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Popular Presale Crypto Token To Invest In 2022

Battle Infinity is one of the most exciting new crypto presale projects in August 2022. It’s one of the newest blockchain projects that combines the best features into an online gaming platform set in a Metaverse built on the best practices. The metaverse concept is taking the world by storm, and Battle Infinity is keen on rising above the competition by combining the play-to-earn formula with a vibrant virtual world.

BI’s metaverse is called The Battle Arena, divided into six platforms converging in a single ecosystem. The project is run by an Indian-based team, and it’s fully KYC’d on CoinSniper.

The platform’s native token is called the IBAT token, and it’s given out to players who win matches in the IBAT Premier League, a virtual sports fantasy league. The tokens can be used to purchase in-game items such as NFTs, trade items between players, and even set up a passive income.

Other features include a multiplayer game store, a fantastic NFT marketplace, and a staking platform. Every user can create and customize their avatars, interact with other users in the metaverse, and fight other teams in the Battle Arena.

Battle Infinity goes so far that it allows users to place virtual billboards on their plots of land to earn extra tokens. The hype building around Battle Infinity is real, and when all things are considered, it’s clear that the Battle Infinity Pre Sales is going to outperform many others.

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3) Say Network (SAY) – Best Crypto Presales Decentralizing Media Project In 2022

Say Network (SAY) - Best Crypto Presales Decentralizing Media Project In 2022

Say Network is turning out to be another excellent option for investors looking for high-performing crypto presales. Say Network is a blockchain project designed as a foundation for future dApps. The project features a social media app called uSay, which works as any other social media network, but gives users more control over the content they post.

Whenever a user posts something on uSay, they are rewarded with a certain amount of $SAY tokens. The idea is quite interesting, and even though uSay is still in development, its unique approach to social media will surely reimagine how we see social networks. Moreover, imagine setting up a passive income by simply posting engaging content.

The Say Network made it to our list of the best crypto presales in 2022 for another reason. Namely, the project will allow users to create their own NFTs using their uSay posts, profiles, and other items. Every user will get full lifetime ownership of the NFTs they make, so you can earn even more tokens if people like your creations.

Lastly, the Say Network will work as a DAO, meaning that all token holders and network members get to vote about the future of the platform. Considering social networks’ importance in today’s society, we expect that the Say Network and its native token SAY Crypto Presales will explode in the following years.

4) EstateX (ESX) – New Real Estate Crypto Presale Project In August 2022

EstateX (ESX) - New Real Estate Crypto Presale Project In August 2022

EstateX is third on our list of the best crypto presales this year. It’s a promising crypto project already building a huge buzz on social media and among crypto traders everywhere. EstateX is a unique blockchain platform that is supposed to make real estate investing simple enough for everyone to try. It’s designed as an intuitive real estate platform that allows users to find, lease, purchase, or rent real estate at affordable prices.

You might wonder how that works; it’s much easier than you think. Every property listed on the platform will have fractional ownership. Think of them as shares. As a user, you can buy, sell, and trade property shares using EstateX’s native token called ESX.

You might not be aware, but there’s an entire market for tokenized real estate, and it’s expected to reach a whopping $1.5 trillion in the next two years. It looks like EstateX wants to snatch a part of this massive market by infusing its platform with the best features possible.

The ownership of the stakes is hosted and logged on the blockchain, providing users with complete transparency and extra safety. All stakeholders will be able to use all available features, including access to the secondary market, where they can get loans using tangible assets. We love the idea, and thousands of other investors do too.

5) LunaOne (XLN) – Popular Crypto Presale Metaverse Project In August 2022

LunaOne (XLN) - Popular Crypto Presale Metaverse Project In August 2022

LunaOne is another project that should be on your Presale Crypto list. It’s a blockchain project set in a metaverse that combines multiple industries into one working system. The project aims to combine gaming elements with business and education, providing companies with an interactive platform that makes learning new skills and information fun and exciting.

Members of the platform get complete control over the system, allowing them to target specific demographics they want to interact with. That should lead to improved collaboration, better relationships, and a faster way to innovation. Imagine a combination of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Wiki, packed into an interactive blockchain game – that’s what LunaOne is set to achieve.

After creating a virtual avatar using the platform’s native XLN tokens, users can play games, interact with each other, organize online courses, play cybersports, and much more. In addition, every user will have daily quests, rewarding them with more tokens when completed. The tokens will also be given as rewards for winning various online games.

Lastly, LunaOne will also include an NFT launchpad that will make it easier for members to create and launch their NFT collections. Like the previous project on the list of best crypto presales, LunaOne will also work as a DAO, so all users will have a say in what happens with the platform in the future. The presale will end in Q2 of 2022, and the metaverse should launch later this year.

Closing Words: Choose Only The Top Performing Crypto PreSales. 

The bottom line is that there are plenty of attractive crypto presales in 2022, but many promises more than they can deliver. Our list of the top 5 crypto presales for this year includes only projects with the highest chances of reaching the markets. Presales are traditionally a risky investment, so gathering as much information as possible to increase your chances of making serious gains is essential.

If we had to choose one crypto presale project as the best option, we would go with Tamadoge, as it’s the most well-rounded project for 2022. In a time when everyone is looking to become a part of the metaverse, Tamadoge went one step further to ensure that their virtual community is made according to the best practices. We can’t wait to try it out and become members of its exciting online community.

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