Music is an indispensable part of our daily lives. With the proliferation of free music streaming sites and widespread Wi-Fi access, it’s easier than ever to listen to tunes anytime, anywhere. But what do you do when you lose your internet connection?

The solution is to have the right Android music downloader app to save songs directly to your device for offline listening. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 10 options for free music downloaders on Android and key factors to evaluate.

What Are The Things to consider before trying free music apps?

When reviewing music downloader apps, there are a few critical considerations!

  • Legality – Ensure the app doesn’t facilitate illegal downloading of copyrighted content. Only use apps permitting you to legally obtain free music or songs you’ve purchased.
  • Safety – Watch out for malware that may be lurking in free apps. Stick to reputable app stores like the Google Play Store.
  • Limited Functionality – Free app versions often have reduced features versus paid versions, like ads, lack of background listening, etc.
  • Advertisements – Expect more advertisements in free music apps since that’s how they generate revenue. Disruptive ads can ruin the listening experience.

If you already have music files stored on your computer, you can wirelessly transfer them to Android using AirDroid’s music transfer tool. Then you can directly import the songs into your preferred music player app as well.

10 Best Apps to download music for free And Listen Offline (Android & iOS) 

Looking for the best applications to download music for free? Rest assured; we have compiled a rundown of 10 tested music applications for you. They are free to download and will offer high-quality audio. Now let’s dive into the top 10 free music downloader apps for Android and iOS devices!

1. Spotify (Personalized music and podcast streaming)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Spotify

With its vast music catalogue and both free and paid subscription options, Spotify is one of the best apps to download music for free today. A Spotify Premium subscription for $9.99/month enables you to download songs, albums, playlists, or whatever you like for offline listening.

One of Spotify’s major strengths is its personalized recommendations like Discover Weekly, which suggests music based on your tastes. Creating and sharing playlists is also seamless. However, the free ad-supported version has limited skips and shuffling capabilities.

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Overall, Spotify shines for its massive library, excellent music discovery, and high-quality audio recordings. But some users complain of bugs in the app and missing albums or songs in the catalogue.

What We Liked

  • Massive music catalogue with over 80 million tracks.
  • Intuitive playlist creation and sharing features.
  • Excellent personalized recommendations via Discover Weekly and Daily Mix.
  • High audio quality streaming even in the free version.

What We Didn’t

  • Mobile apps can sometimes be buggy or slow.
  • The freemium model limits some features like unlimited skips.
  • Ongoing licensing issues lead to missing albums/songs.
  • Lacks niche music content like video game soundtracks.

2. SoundCloud (Diverse tracks, connect with artists)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - SoundCloud

If you’re looking to discover new and underground music, SoundCloud is a top choice. It’s one of the best apps to download music for free and houses an absolutely vast collection of tracks across genres, especially from rising artists. It makes it incredibly easy to share your own original tracks with the world too.

Songs automatically save offline in your SoundCloud app after you listen to build your collection conveniently. You can also create playlists and follow specific artists. However, SoundCloud’s catalogue can get confusing with a messy combination of full songs and samples.

The reposting feature can also degrade audio quality over time. While not as robust for mainstream hits, SoundCloud excels at hunting down hard-to-find tunes and remixes you won’t find anywhere else.

What We Liked

  • Extremely extensive catalogue of indie and underground music.
  • Easy uploading platform for aspiring musicians.
  • Clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing interface.
  • Songs automatically save offline after streaming.

What We Didn’t

  • Mainstream popular music is limited.
  • Audio quality varies and can be low fidelity.
  • Library organization tools are subpar.

3. YouTube Music (Music videos, personalized playlist)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Youtube Music

YouTube Music stands out for offering the ability to download audio tracks from YouTube music videos. This app lets you download music for free and gives you access to rare live versions, covers, and remixes you won’t find on other platforms.

However, you do need a paid YouTube Music subscription for background listening and offline downloads. The app falls short in its confusing interface and lack of certain features that were available on Google Play Music.

On the plus side, you can find incredibly obscure recordings on YouTube Music that no other service offers, thanks to the platform’s sheer scale and video integration. If you’re looking for unique listening experiences, this app delivers thanks to the vibrant YouTube community. But the variability in audio quality can be a drawback.

What We Liked

  • Access to incredibly rare and obscure live performances.
  • Huge catalogue of remixes, covers, and alternate versions.
  • Direct integration with YouTube for music videos.
  • Recommendations tailored to your YouTube watch history.

What We Didn’t

  • The free version is limited to shuffle play for uploads only.
  • Maximum video resolution is limited to 480p.
  • Clunky unintuitive interface and navigation.

4. Amazon Prime Music (Ad-free tunes, part of Prime)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Amazon Prime Music

For those immersed in the Amazon ecosystem, Amazon Prime Music comes bundled with an Amazon Prime subscription, giving members access to a catalogue of over 2 million songs to download and listen to offline.

Even without Prime, you can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited to access over 75 million songs. The app focuses on simplicity in finding and downloading music directly to your device. However, it lacks some of the richer features of dedicated third-party music apps.

Music discovery and management feel basic compared to Spotify. But with seamless integration with Alexa and Amazon services, fans of those products may find it to be a decent free option for offline listening.

What We Liked

  • Free access to download over 2 million songs with Prime membership.
  • Simple and intuitive mobile app for finding music.
  • Smooth with Amazon Echo and Alexa.
  • Curated playlists across genres, decades, activities, etc.

What We Didn’t

  • Music discovery and playlist creation lack sophistication.
  • Maximum download quality capped at 256Kbps.
  • The catalogue lacks more obscure international music.

5. JioSaavn (Bollywood and regional hits streaming)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - JioSaavn

JioSaavn pioneered the streaming model in India, letting you create customized stations based on your favourite artists, albums, and tracks. Their Pro tier at ₹99/month enables downloading songs, playlists, and albums for offline listening.

This makes it a compelling option if you rely heavily on JioSaavn’s music discovery capabilities. However, the free tier is quite limited in terms of features. While excellent at recommending Indian songs and playlists based on your tastes, some users complain of repetitive tune selections.

But if you want a simple way to download music for free and for offline enjoyment, JioSaavn delivers. Just don’t expect many advanced features.

What We Liked

  • Intuitive playlists based on artists, genres, and user activity.
  • The ‘Radio’ feature is great for continuous music playback.
  • Massive collection of Bollywood and Indian regional songs.
  • Social features to share music and see friend activity.

What We Didn’t

  • The free tier has disruptive and repetitive ads.
  • Music discovery is limited mostly to India-based content.
  • Limited auto-curation and personalization.

6. Apple Music (Apple ecosystem’s integrated music hub)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Apple Music

Given its tight integration with the Apple ecosystem, Apple Music serves as the default music app for iOS devices. You do need an active subscription to access its music-downloading capabilities. Apple Music shines with its massive catalogue of over 100 million songs, intuitive playlist creation, and listening experience across Apple products.

However, it lacks a free ad-supported tier like Spotify, putting it at a disadvantage for customers hesitant to commit. The app design itself can feel busy and overwhelming to navigate too. Android users also get an inferior experience than iPhone owners.

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But hardcore fans of Apple products may find the seamless connectivity and lossless audio quality to be compelling reasons to subscribe. Just know that Apple Music is purpose-built for those embedded in their device ecosystem.

What We Liked

  • Lossless Hi-Res Audio quality is available.
  • Seamlessly syncs libraries across Apple devices.
  • Massive catalogue of over 100 million songs.
  • Intuitive playlist creation and curation.

What We Didn’t

  • No free, ad-supported listening tier.
  • Android experience lacks certain features.
  • Limited integration with non-Apple smart speakers.

7. Hungama (Music, videos, and movies combined App)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Hungama

Offering free and paid plans, Hungama lets you download MP3 songs and playlists to listen to offline. Their Pro plan provides high-quality FLAC downloads for the best sound. Hungama also features an extensive catalogue of Bollywood and Indian regional music.

However, the user interface feels a bit outdated compared to slick apps like Spotify. Music discovery is also limited beyond their personalized recommendations.

But for fans of Indian music, especially Bollywood soundtracks and pop, Hungama provides an efficient way to build an offline collection. The sound quality is better than average as well. Just don’t expect the most cutting-edge app experience.

What We Liked

  • Specialized in Bollywood and Indian regional music.
  • Ability to download DRM-free MP3 files.
  • Personalized playlists and recommendations.
  • Crisp audio quality relative to streaming bitrates.

What We Didn’t

  • Dated and unintuitive app interface.
  • Lacks advanced playlist creation options.
  • Smaller overall catalogue size compared to leading apps.

8. Wynk Music (Hindi, regional tracks, curated playlists)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Wynk Music

Owned by Airtel, Wynk Music allows free and premium tier subscribers to download MP3 songs and playlists for free and offline enjoyment. Their premium plan boosts audio quality to 256kbps. One advantage of Wynk is not using your regular data plan for music streaming or downloads.

However, the free tier has lots of disruptive ads, and playlist functionality is lacking. But if you want a straightforward Indian music downloader supporting Bollywood and regional languages, Wynk gets the job done. The unlimited song skips are nice too. Just be prepared for aggressive advertising in the non-paid version.

What We Liked

  • Seamless integration for Airtel customers.
  • Data charges are waived for streaming and downloads.
  • Clean, simple interface to find and play music.
  • Support for Indian languages beyond just Hindi.
  • Create playlists, queues, and favourites.

What We Didn’t

  • The free version is loaded with audio and visual ads.
  • Music discovery and suggestions are basic.
  • Maximum audio bitrate quality of 256kbps.
  • Limited catalogue for international music.

9. Gaana (Bollywood, global hits, personalized playlists)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Gaana

Gaana grants access to stream and downloads a huge library of Indian music songs, playlists, and albums for offline listening. Their homepage highlights trending Bollywood hits and new releases so you can find hot new music.

Creating unlimited playlists is easy to manage your downloads. However, Gaana’s free tier bombards you with invasive ads that significantly disrupt the experience. You’ll have to pay to remove them entirely.

The recommendations could also be more personalized and on-point. But if you want to download Indian hit songs in high audio quality, Gaana is very convenient once you pay. Just expect lots of disruptive ads at first.

What We Liked

  • Extensive collection of Indian film and pop music.
  • Intuitive curated playlists and radios.
  • Download Indian songs in MP3 up to 320kbps.
  • Unlimited offline listening and an ad-free experience.
  • Share music and playlists on social media.

What We Didn’t

  • The free tier has way too many audio and display ads.
  • Music discovery is limited primarily to Bollywood.
  • Lacks advanced library management features.

10. Resso (Social music discovery through interaction)

Best App To Download Music For Free India 2023 - Resso

And finally, Resso lets you stream and download Indian and international music tracks with slicing-edge features like real-time song lyrics. Their Social Feed showcases what’s trending among your friends and communities. However, Resso contains some gaps in its global music catalogue compared to apps like Spotify.

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Music discovery beyond your social circle could also use improvement. But for downloading popular Indian hits, including Bollywood, pop, and regional songs, Resso delivers a lot of value. The audio quality exceeds expectations too. Just be prepared for a less mature app experience than the global players. All in all, it’s a great app to download music for free.

What We Liked

  • Unique real-time song lyrics display.
  • Social feed tailored to your friends and communities.
  • Smooth, intuitive interface for finding music.
  • HQ streaming with Dolby Atmos support.
  • The offline download allows listening without the Internet.

What We Didn’t

  • Significant gaps in the international music catalogue.
  • Limited music discovery beyond the social circle.
  • Lacks advanced library management tools.
  • Maximum download quality capped at 256kbps.


When searching for the best free music downloader for Android, apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music are typically the top options. But be sure to weigh the pros, cons, and special features of each against your preferences to pick the right fit.

Follow best practices like using WiFi to save data and deleting songs after listening to conserve storage. With so many free music apps available today, you can easily build up your offline music library.

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