Blurtt Gives Photophiles The Ability To Add Captions To An Image

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. And then there are some pictures that with a caption would be worth a million and now there’s an app for that. Blurtt is an app that helps you marry images and text for the perfect duo of visual and written expression.
However, Blurtt is more than just putting funny captions on images. It has the potential to be an in-depth visual communication tool. Think about a time in email, on Facebook or via a Tweet when you said something that was supposed to be taken one way, but ended up being taken the other.
It’s an unfortunate situation and it happens all of the time. Through a quick search on the app, which pings Bing and Flickr, you can find an image that truly sets your comment up for ultimate comprehension. Of course, you can upload your own image too.
Once you find the image, the app allows you to place up to 100 characters directly over the image. This bit of text can help express and communicate the meaning, tone, personality and importance of your message. Of course, it doesn’t have to be serious. It can be has hilarious and or sarcastic as you’d like it to. The app is only bound by your imagination and quick wit.
Once you’ve found your image and edited your text, it’s now time to share, which Blurtt makes extremely easy to do within the app. It integrates the usuals such as email, text and the ability to save the URL for sharing other places. Facebook and Twitter sharing icons are placed on the front of the image as well as can be toggled when uploading the image for automatic sharing.
Beyond making your own Blurtts, the app has a social community built within the app and is easily accessed from the app’s dashboard. There you’ll be able to click on the popular tab, which as it implies, shows the trending images. It shows the number of “hearts” aka likes as well as how many times it has been shared.
So far “What would Jack do?” is the most popular, which shows that verbiage along with a picture of “30 Rock” character Jack Donaghy. I’d like to frame it for my office. There is also a most recent tab, which does more of the same.
Overall, I found Blurtt to be both useful and amusing, which is a winning combination. I’d also have to say that this app is a must download and has a lot of potential.