Bobby Carrot Forever: A Game Suitable For Kids

Strange and wonderful things happen in dreamland when rabbits go to sleep; this is the premise of Bobby Carrot Forever. An award-winning iPhone app from FDG Entertainment, Bobby Carrot Forever is an animated adventure that requires the gamer to solve puzzles and find carrots before moving to the next level.
Bobby Carrot Forever seems to be an app designed primarily for younger children. The layout is simple with minimal animation as Bobby Carrot moves on a mostly static background. Bobby Carrot Fever is rather slow-moving since you set the pace of the rabbit by touching the screen in the direction you want him to take a step.
Soothing music provides a dreamy atmosphere as you play. There are 72 levels, and no “game over” experience to send you back to the beginning. Because Bobby frequently runs into roadblocks like fences or streams in his path, you have to employ problem-solving skills like grabbing a kite to fly over obstacles or jumping on a lily pad to traverse a pond.
Though there are no apparent programmatic glitches, Bobby Carrot Forever is not self-explanatory. The app is for ages 4+, but a child might need to be 6 or 7 to play without an adult, depending on how well the child reads. By turning the screen to portrait mode, you can access 20 help pages that describe the many useful elements and gadgets Bobby will come across, and a wizard is available on each level to give more written information if you need it — and you will likely need it.
I wouldn’t call the Bobby Carrot Forever app exciting. But it does make you think and use your problem-solving skills. While it may not be that interesting for adults, children will enjoy Bobby Carrot’s impatient foot-tapping and the challenge of unlocking the secret of the magic memory paintbrush.