Boingo Wi-Fi Takes You Wherever You Want to Go

Boingo Wi-Fi

Boingo Wi-Fi makes it easy for you to set up a wireless account for your iPhone and then log into any hot spot on the ubiquitous Boingo Wi-Fi network.
The monthly fee is $7.95 for unlimited access and when you sign up using Boingo, the first month is free. As a point of reference, a monthly laptop account costs $9.95.
Setting up an account requires you to create an account like any other online account. Enter the requisite contact information, fork over a credit card number and you’re done. Go to the iPhone’s Settings and connect to Boingo’s Wi-Fi network as you would any Wi-Fi net and log in. Easy peasy.
I’ve had a Boingo wireless account for my laptop for a bit more than a year. I set it up while sitting around some airport, now forgotten, and jonesing for an Internet connection so I could do some work and kill time surfing while waiting for my delayed connecting flight.
I haven’t used it much since then but I’m glad that I set it up just in case I can’t find a free connection or one through my other Wi-Fi providers. Boingo has hot spots at 85,000-plus hotels, cafes and restaurants around the world, so I know I’m covered if I ever need it.
A word of advice: If you’re planning to pass along state secrets, Boingo or any other public Wi-Fi net is not the way to do it.
Boingo Wi-Fi is the proverbial one-trick pony, but it does what it claims to do.