Have you been searching for an alarm with a little more attitude? Is your current alarm just too friendly? If you’ve been having problems with your alarm, then Bomax – The Cranky Alarm is the app for you.
Bomax – The Cranky Alarm is an alarm that goes to great lengths to make sure that you are up on time in the morning.
If you are a person that snoozes the alarm multiple times during the morning and always find your self running short on time, Bomax – The Cranky Alarm will put an immediate stop to that.
Every morning the Bomax alarm will wake you with a loud buzzer and a mini game that you must complete in order to turn the alarm off. Boxmax – The Cranky Alarm will not let you off the hook either, as the alarm will not stop ringing until you complete the short game. Even if you try to skip the alarm by pressing the home screen button, Bomax will just ring again a minute later.
Bomax – The Cranky Alarm is extremely user friendly and allows you to customize your alarm experience in many ways. There are four clock styles to choose from: Analog, Digital, Flip and Cartoon Flip. There are also more than 15 alarm noises you can choose from to wake you up, ranging from a jackhammer noise to a rooster crowing and a voice telling you it’s time to get up. You can also make your own recording that will play instead of the standard buzzers the alarm has to offer.
Bomax also has three mini games that will wake you up in the morning: Whack-A-Clock, Dunk the Clock and 3- Mug Monte. Dunk the Clock is a fun game where you have to throw a bar of soap at a ringing alarm.
After you play the games in the morning you are wide awake and ready to start the day. Bomax – The Cranky Alarm has been very effective in waking me up every morning, and is an interesting replacement for the usually boring standard alarms.
Bomax – The Cranky Alarm is an alarm clock that means business. The mini games are fun and could probably be played on their own. If you are looking for an alarm that won’t take pity on you, then Bomax is here to give you an extra kick in the morning. Overall, I think the alarm is great and is the best app I have used in a long time.