Boom Boat is a Blast of a Physics Puzzler

Boom Boat belongs to a game genre that seems to be in some sort of renaissance: the handheld physics-based cartoon puzzler. After the success of Angry Birds, it’s no surprise that developers are doing everything they can to get their slice of that App Store pie. Boom Boat is an honorable addition to the mix. It’s straightforward and fun, just like it ought to be.
Here’s the premise of the game: oil leaks have mysteriously sprung out in all the oceans of the world. The player must guide a boat—a “boom boat,” if you will—to seal up the leaks by dropping bombs on them. Why wouldn’t a bomb just make an oil leak a thousand times worse? And why aren’t more boats helping out? Put these completely reasonable questions out of your mind. There is important bombing to be done.
The gameplay will be second nature to anyone who has played Angry Birds. In Angry Birds, the player must launch different kinds of birds towards elaborate structures, in order to destroy pigs. In Boom Boat, the player must drop bombs and other items on top of elaborate structures, in order to destroy oil leaks. Both games use a three-star rating system to gauge the success of a completed level, and both games have a charming, 2-D cartoon style.
This isn’t to denigrate Boom Boat. The game works, and if you have to take inspiration from something, it might as well be the best. What’s more, Boom Boat does bring some touches of originality. For example, the boat is controlled with the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, by means of tipping the phone left or right. Plus, the design of the levels is pretty well done. The progression from easy to difficult is calibrated perfectly.
As of now the game has only 30 levels, but the developer assures us that new content will be added regularly, and for free. Even without any new additions, Boom Boat is plenty diverting enough to justify a 99-cent App Store purchase. Boom Boat is recommended for any gamer left with a feeling of emptiness after that last level of Angry Birds.