Bounce Trap Tilt Mixes Different Games Into One Addictive App

Bounce Trap Tilt by game developer PlayScreen, is a fun puzzle game that combines different aspects of familiar games like Tetris, Solitaire, or Pinball. With a mixture of action, strategy, and chance Bounce Trap can get fairly addicting and will provide entertainment for young and old.
Bounce Trap’s objective is to fill and remove all the round holes on the screen without running out of balls.
The balls are released from the top of the screen and are dropped through a tap. Once a ball hits a hole it is filled and if another ball of the same color hits it, the hole will disappear. If balls of different colors hit the filled hole three times it will also vanish.
Furthermore, the player can make holes disappear by filling three holes in a row with the same color. Fifty balls are released in each of Bounce Trap’s 35 levels and any unused balls rollover to the next level. Obstacles in between the balls will function as bouncers (much like in a pinball game) and can trigger special effects.
Bounce Trap Tilt is very easy to pick up and play and it could get to more challenging levels a little quicker, but the combination of reaction time and strategy keep it interesting. An auto save function saves the game at the beginning of the last unfinished level played, making it easy to stay on track with where you left off. The game’s music gets annoying rather quickly but it can be turned off and the sound effects and graphics are well developed, bringing futuristic fonts to colorful backgrounds.
Compared to apps of a similar nature, in its gameplay Bounce Trap Tilt is a great combination of different classics.