I generally like bubble puzzle shooting games like Snood, so I was looking forward to playing I-play’s Bubble Town. What I came away with was the thought that the developer tried to shove a game into a platform that it is ill suited for.
If you’re not familiar with the genre, the object of Bubble Town is to aim and shoot bubbles (or heads or something else roundish) at bubbles aligned in different patterns across the upper half of the window. Line up three bubbles that are alike and they pop or fall off the screen. The idea is to clear the screen before the bubbles reach the bottom
In the desktop and online versions of bubble puzzle games, a key element of game play is using a mouse to aim and shoot. Engaging and playing the game successfully with speedy thinking and fast reflexes.
In Bubble Town iPhone or iPod touch, you aim by sliding a dot along a yellow bar or rotating your device if you’re set up for motion control. You shoot by either double tapping the yellow dot or single tapping a cannon.
I’ve played a lot of these games, including the online version of Bubble Town (it’s popular on Facebook). This one is a completely different experience and a ho-hum one at that. I will say the graphics are nice to look at.
With Bubble Town what struck me as odd are the option, motion control and menu buttons on some screens appeared inactive (on a desktop they would be be greyed out). Yet they functioned. I assume that’s a bug rather than a reflection of poor UI design but who knows.