Bugdom 2 fits right into the incredible line of apps by developer Pangea Software, makers of such games as Cro Mag Rally, Billy Frontier or Enigmo. This iPhone release of the company’s original game offers great family fun with the right price tag of $1.99. Bugdom 2 is a 3-D adventure game with incredible graphics and a very complex structure and story compared to most other games in the app store.
The player is Skip McFly, a grasshopper that explores the areas in and around a house. Skip meets friends and enemies and has numerous tasks he has to fulfill. By performing tasks for other critters Skip can get their help in form of maps, keys etc. The player will have to rescue mice out of mousetraps, steer away from blood-sucking ticks and fight bees and flies in this extremely diverse game. Bugdom 2 uses the accelerometer for the control of Skip’s movements. This can take a moment to get used to but once your hands have found the rhythm of the controls, it works great. One missing feature in Bugdom 2 is an autosave option, especially since it takes a little while to complete levels. But with so many games in the app store being fairly repetitive, Bugdom 2 is a rare game that actually has a story and offers fun for players of any age.