In what appears to be a string of colorful, flowery games starring insects launched this Spring, BugsShot is a newcomer to the App Store that incorporates colorful bugs and flowers into a shuffleboard style game. Similar in appearance to iSprout, BugsShot features ladybugs and flowers of various colors.
If you happen to have already read through its description in the App Store, don’t let the obviously poor English translation dissuade you from checking out BugsShot. It’s by no means the greatest .99 cent game ever, but it isn’t hateful. In fact, I’d go as far to say it’s beyond mediocre and maybe even quite good.
The challenge of BugsShot is to use the right trajectory and power to launch tiny ladybugs across the screen towards their corresponding colored flower. You have to get the bug more than just partially on the flower to score any points and your points go up the closer to dead center you end up.
In BugsShot there are a total of 20 levels, designed to become increasingly more challenging with progress. You are provided with three lives at the start of each new game, which translates to three failures. If there’s not at least one bug on each flower when you are out of bugs, you’ll have to repeat the last level.
The first five levels of BugsShot, I found myself breezing through with little struggle. At the sixth level, I did struggle a bit and couldn’t complete it until I discovered you could select any color ladybug rather than launch them in the order they appear.
The ladybug “inventory” at the top of the screen tells you how many bugs of each color you have available for the level. You can tap a bug and change to that color to help you complete the level. Once I discovered this, I felt I had more control and BugsShot became a fun, light-hearted challenge.
BugsShot uses touch control, which is fairly responsive and consistent. The angle the bug will go can be adjusted along with the power of its launch, which is indicated by a power meter to the right. There are a total of 20 levels and though you must complete levels in order to unlock them all, you can go back and replay completed levels at any time. BugsShot enables world scores to compare to your own.
Though the directions for the game are a bit ambiguous, BugsShot is easy enough to figure out. It may lack the addictive nature and action of similar target games, but BugsShot is an aesthetically pleasing, simple little game that you can store away and pick up and play to pass the time in quick spurts. A resume game function enables you to quit mid-level and return anytime. If you enjoy colorful, simple games that mimic pool, shuffleboard, and similar target aiming games, then consider giving BugsShot a look.
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