There’s something special about the artsy quality of a vintage photo. Toy cameras such as Holga, Lomo and Diana are my favorite, but I’m a sucker for just about any cheap camera with a “temperamental” streak. I’ve even been known to fake the vignetted corners and light-leak effects in Photoshop.
Well, now I can easily choose from whichever vintage look I want all without having to carry around an extra camera. CameraBag from Nevecenter takes iPhone’s built in camera back in time with 5 retro photo styles: “Helga,” “1974,” “Lolo,” “Cinema,” and “1962.”
Whether you prefer the washed-out highlights and square format of the Helga (Holga), the super-saturated vibrancy of the Lolo (Lomo) or the high contrast black and whites of 1962, CameraBag is sure to inspire you to break old ground with your mobile phone photos.
CameraBag is easy to use. You can take a photo or choose one from your photo library then cycle through the 5 effects until you find just the right look. Then click save and share your masterpiece with all your friends.
One thing to be aware of is that you need to do your cropping or framing before bringing the picture into CameraBag. And just like using a real toy camera, the results can be a little unexpected. Photos with centered focal points work best.
Once you’ve played around a bit with CameraBag and your ready to go to the next level try out these tips from the iTunes review section. Start by saving with one filter, then grab the pic from your iPhone’s photo library and save with the second filter.
— Sepiatone. Save first in 1962, then save as 1974.
— Black and White Vignette. Save first in Helga, then in 1962
— Warm Vintage. Save first in 1974, then in Helga .
— Super Holga. Save it twice in Helga for a more intense light burn.
Experiment with your own CameraBag recipes and let us know how they turn out. Or, share your “new” vintage photos in the CameraBag Flickr Pool.
** Ed. Note: Hurry over to get CameraBag soon because it is on sale for a limited time for just $2.99!