In the spirit of the Game Show Network (GSN) hit show Catch-21, now in its third season, Catch-21 for iPhone and iPod Touch is blackjack mayhem in a race against the clock for high scores. Unlike the television game show, Catch-21 for iPhone leaves out cumbersome trivia questions and opponents and pits players against the clock to make as many 21s as possible. And best of all, it’s free.
Catch-21 features four playing columns and a full deck of cards. You have five minutes to make as many card combinations adding up to 21 as possible. Your points add up for each 21 combo you make, plus the quicker you get through the deck, the more time bonus points you get.
If you make a “five card Charlie,” or 5 cards that add up to 21 or less, you get an extra 100 points. Each of the two black jacks in the deck will clear any column regardless of total and score points, too. If you draw a card you don’t want, simply discard it with no penalty and keep the game moving.
Catch-21 is fast paced blackjack fun and is kind of like playing four hands at once, which I could never do at a real table. The trick is to do the mental math fast enough and make the 21 hands for the highest possible score. With only one deck to play through, keeping count is easier than with five. Keep an eye on the hint tabs that clue you in to which columns a card can be played. Catch-21 keeps track of your own high scores, as well as lets you compare yours to the top Leaderboard scores.
Registering at also gives you the option to earn “Oodles” for playing, which can be redeemed for prizes and sweepstakes entries. Catch-21 is one of 45 “cash competition” games from GSN.
If you enjoy card games, especially blackjack, give Catch-21 a try. You have nothing to lose – including money. It’s a free app, fun to play, and mimics the online version of the game. Portable, addicting card fun with no catch – what could be better?