The Chanel Haute Couture Show for fall/winter of 2008/9 will be welcomed by the Sex and the City fanbase as well as other fashionistas but it promises more than it delivers. I was expecting to see the entire show but the video of the label’s fall/winter show in Paris only offers a one-minute trailer, showing only six designs as well as head designer Karl Lagerfeld at the end. So for anyone who wants to see the spectacle of the entire show this might might be a slight let-down but since this app is free there is no risk involved.
Developed by the fashion label itself the app furthermore provides a slide show of 64 looks and accessories, 6 Chanel news stories and a store locator, which lists every Chanel store in the world with the option call the store or google map them. It is hard to think of a real use for this app but for anyone interested in fashion it is fun to check out and for hardcore Chanel junctions it might serve as a handy phonebook for their favorite stores. And since video footage of the actual show has been removed from YouTube and seems impossible to find online this might just be the only accessible place to see it. But since the app is limited to one label other free fashion apps like seem to have much more to offer.