cheese & wine for iPhone
With holiday parties on the horizon it’s always nice to know there are a few iPhone apps on your side. One that might come in handy at the market is Cheese & Wine – by Max Allen and Will Studd. Having an authority on cheese and wine certainly beats selecting bottles or wheels at random and with expert opinions on pairings, shopping with confidence opens up new possibilities. Cheese & Wine provides information on which types of wine compliment different types of cheeses and includes a handful of informational videos and articles to boot.
The most appealing and simplest feature of Cheese & Wine is the Match Cheese feature. A categorical list of cheeses is available to select and the complimenting type or types of wine automatically pair up. The presentation is simple but sophisticated with no room for confusion. However, if you prefer selecting cheese to compliment your favorite wines, the Wine List option works similarly by allowing users to select a wine then view complimenting cheeses. And if you’re a foodie in the making, the additional information found in the articles provides some insight into why certain cheeses and wines are considered flavor companions.
Cheese & Wine provides useful information for those who have an interest in savvy food presentation, but lack the knack. Information such as how to serve cheese, select wine and a bit on how cheeses and wines are made is also included in the articles and videos. The articles are few, but they are readily available for viewing. The videos list is slightly more extensive but they need to be downloaded for viewing – a feat best performed on Wi-Fi. However, the Match Cheese and Wine List features are the only two you’ll really need at the supermarket as the articles and videos are best for casual interest viewing.
While Cheese & Wine is definitely user-friendly and informative to novice connoisseurs, the information is so detailed with regards to flavor expectations, preparation and processes of cheese and wine that it holds some appeal for semi-experienced wine tasters as well. And of course, having expert opinions on hand to help with selection is useful to any party host. So if you’ve ever been asked if you wanted cheese with your wine (or whine as the case may be), but you simply weren’t sure which kind, the Cheese & Wine app for iPhone is a great place to start.