I have a thing for chickens. I admit it. Word games make me a little crazy, but chickens? I love them. Chicktionary is an excellent text-twisting game with darn cute cartoon chickens who cluck, flap their wings, toss feathers and make encouraging chicken noises as you play.
Chicktionary from Blockdot won “Best Word Game App” at the Best App Ever Awards Show, and I can see why. Like Text Twist or Word Warp, the object of Chicktionary is to make as many words as you can out of the seven letters, er, eggs. There are 300 levels, compared to 12 on Chicktionary Lite. You can strive for special eggchievements like Hot Wings (complete the puzzle in three minutes) or the Egg-cessive (play the game for 100 hours). You can also put your scores online and compare eggchievements with players around the world.
Chicktionary has everything you could want in a word game app for the iPhone. You can play Chicktionary in timed or untimed mode. A couple of hints are available if you get stuck: Beak Sneak gives you a letter in each word, and Free Bird gives you one entire word. An update to Chicktionary allows you to see the words you missed when you quit; I find having an answer key is critical to a sense of game completion.
If you do not know what a word means, you can request a definition by tapping on the word. Your game will be saved and Safari will open. This is not so convenient, but you probably will not need to look up words too often.
Don’t like chicken noises? You can press the mute button in the top left corner of the screen to silence the game’s accompanying clucks.
Chicktionary is the best text-twisting word game app currently on the market. The graphics are excellent, the game is solid and the chickens are great company. I highly recommend Chicktionary.