For parents of preschoolers on the prowl for good apps that mix learning and technology, Color Me!!! by SID On is a featured app for kids that provides young children with a mobile electronic coloring book.
Color Me!!! was recently updated and now has three categories—water creatures, woodland critters, and numbers. There are a total of 29 pictures to choose from and using a tap-to-fill coloring method, kids can color their selected pictures and mom or dad can upload them to their photo roll or share them on Facebook.
Color Me!!! is very simple to use and young children should experience little to no frustration while exploring their creativity through color.
To select a color, simply tap on the color spectrum across the bottom of the screen or tilt the device from side to side to move the color selector ball. To color the picture, select an area to fill by tapping it. As with similar applications, very small details are linked to larger areas and will automatically fill in. Each area can be colored and re-colored as many times as you like and shaking will act as an eraser, clearing the image all together.
The selection of pictures is very juvenile, so older children aren’t likely to be impressed, but for the three to four crowd, Color Me!!! is an ideal short-tasked exploration of colors and numbers. The one downside to the provided color spectrum is the absence of a true brown. Not every kid colors true to life, but those that insist a tree trunk or an acorn needs to be brown, not a random shade of orange, may be disappointed. Still, the friendly images are juvenile and “cartoon-ish” enough that a pink crab or a purple seal might not seem that out of the question to a child.
If you’re a proponent of using technology in teaching moments, you can use apps like Color Me!!! to quiz kids on colors and numbers. It also could double as a peacemaker while waiting in the doctor’s office or in line at the grocery. Granted, it’s a pretty basic app, but given the target audience, it supplies a good concept nonetheless. For just .99, it has the potential for quite a bit of mileage in the little kid department. You can also get a free version, Color Me!!! Lite that supplies only two pictures and eliminates the photo sharing option.