All comic book fans and collectors can now get their fix on their iPhone with the new comiXology app, that was released this week. Based on the ComiXology website, the app offers tons of information on new releases in the comic world.
ComiXology allows users to browse through comic book covers, read about the stories, and find information on creators. Unlike the website, the ComiXology app is based on a three-week schedule – this week, next week, and last week. The three featured comics as well as the shipping items are categorized accordingly.
The user can furthermore make virtual “pull lists”, a familiar term in the comic scene. A pull list is a list of items a collector or fan compiles and then provides to their local comic book retailer. The retailer will then “pull” the listed items as they arrive in the store and hold them for the customer. In order to create pull lists the user has to create a free comiXology account. The app provides direct access to the web account and for previous account holders all settings are transferred automatically to the ComiXology app.
ComiXology also provides weekly half-hour long podcasts as well as articles published on the website. While the same service is free online with more information available, ComiXology will be a welcome app store release for all the comic book enthusiasts out there. An obvious shortcoming of the app is the lack of a search function but the developer already announced that an update will take care of this.
Compared to the website, the comiXology app only offers a sneak peek at the new releases on the comic book market. But having access to it on your phone and being able to create pull lists on the go will be great for anyone whose favorite day of the week is Wednesday (when new comics are released). If you want to check the app out before spending $3.99 watch the video preview on the comiXology website.