People who frequently participate in conference calls understand the hassle of dialing long phone numbers while trying to remember the multi-digit passcode to gain access. Conference Me In is a free iPhone app that aims to eliminate such frustration by helping users schedule, remember and, most importantly, call into conference calls.
The app syncs data from your iPhone’s built-in calendar. So, you can input new events directly within the app, which will then also show up on your regular calendar. Or if you’re already using the native calendar to manage upcoming meetings you can get going right away with very little set-up required.
When you are ready to start entering events, you’ll find that Conference Me In is surprisingly flexible. The app is capable of automatically detecting planned conference calls using any of several data entry formats.

Add Phone Numbers Using Conference Me In

Simply add the phone number followed by the code into either the Location or Notes field when adding your event. For instance:
I tested out several configurations and each time Conference Me In recognized the event as a conference all and identified the appropriate numbers. If you do have a problem with a number not being recognized, try labeling it specific numbers — ie: “conference number” and “meeting code.”
When you receive e-mail invites to conference meetings, it is easy to upload all of the information to the app’s calendar. Conference Me In will save all the data while identifying the numbers used for dialing. The app also allows you to e-mail the information to other group members or create a new meeting with your own pre-defined codes.

Organize Upcoming Conference Calls

Once your conference call events are entered, Conference Me In will take care of the rest. The app will automatically pop-up at the set time with a reminder to join the meeting. All you have to do is press the pop-up call button, and the app automatically dials all the necessary numbers. The meeting call-in information — such as extensions and passcodes — is stored in the app’s calendar system so you don’t have to juggle your phone while switching between apps or find that scrap of paper with the necessary details.
The user-friendly calendar interface makes it stay organized by allowing you to view all events or set filters to only show conference calls. The app highlights upcoming meetings and those that are already in progress. When viewing your upcoming meetings, you can choose to view all conference calls up to one week in advance or select only those that are scheduled for today.

Will Conference Me In Work for You?

Conference Me In was tested for all major providers, so it works for almost all business meetings. You could also use it as a simple reminder system to make a business call without using a conference call provider — as long as you only need to dial one number. It would be great if Conference Me In could also facilitate group phone calls between friends and family members without the use of conference call providers.
Overall, this app is a time-saver for business-oriented people. The one-touch dialing simplifies the process of joining conference calls and eliminates human errors and forgotten numbers. Conference Me In is especially handy for people who need to participate in conference calls from their “mobile office.” For hassle-free virtual meetings, this app is a valuable tool for business productivity.